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Company Focus

Approximately 34% of CO2 emissions in the UK, 120 million tons a year, comes from the transport sector. This includes private and commercial vehicles, freight cars and ships. Pollution and air quality in London and around the UK has long been on the radar, and various measures and steps have been taken to tackle this ever-present problem. However COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have highlighted one sector which has grown exponentially during this period – with millions of people unable or afraid to leave their houses due to existing health conditions the home delivery market has flourished.
At EVMI Solutions we are looking to solve this by introducing a range of fully electric two-wheel, three-wheel or four-wheel delivery vehicles that are stable, agile and don’t get stuck in traffic, helping to make the air we breathe cleaner for everyone. Across a current range of 3 vehicle specifications to choose from, all have been designed to fill the space of a delivery scooter. As they are roughly the same width they are afforded the same accessibility, allowing couriers to make the same journeys at the same pace whilst not polluting their immediate environment. Their compact size can solve various problems in urban areas such as lack of parking spaces, narrow roads and traffic congestion. This is an extremely efficient urban logistics solution for a single person to transport smaller loads for express delivery.
Phrases such as ‘carbon-neutral’ are firmly embedded in the public’s consciousness these days, and most are aware that petrol and diesel vehicles emit harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. CO2 released into the atmosphere contributes to climate change which can trigger extreme weather events, sea level rise, floods and drought.

As a company we feel it is our responsibility not only to care about the environment as a bigger picture, but also the health and wellbeing of our immediate community. Introducing 100% electric fleet vehicles to the delivery industry will help to reduce C02, NOx and other harmful pollutants released into our air by combustion engines, all whilst allowing people to continue to consume services that have become vital when lockdown restrictions are in place.

Another problem identified by courier and delivery drivers is that more often than not they will be driving their large fleet vehicle without a full load, indeed sometimes sent on delivery with 1 or 2 parcels in an otherwise empty cargo hold. This is obviously highly inefficient, exacerbating the problem of pollutants being emitted. Electric vehicles solve this problem as the end emission result of a single package versus full load delivery is the same – zero.

The good news is that comparing the energy or fuel costs to ride 1 mile, an electric vehicle typically costs less than a third of an equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle. In terms of energy consumption a petrol scooter can travel around 34 miles on one litre of fuel, where as an electric scooter can do 16 miles on 1 kilowatt-hour. The price of energy itself stands at around 115 pence per litre of petrol versus 16 pence for 1 kilowatt-hour of energy. The end result is that a petrol powered scooter averages out at 3.4 pence per mile, with the electric scooter averaging 1 pence per mile. The longer a journey is, the more money is being saved by making the switch to electric powered options.

As we have kept a very close eye on the emerging electric vehicles market since inception the final bugbear some customers may have is that an electric vehicle might lack some of the functionality or features of their petrol-powered counterparts. Early reviews of electric vehicles lamented their lack of range and/or design, along with the long charge times.
As we have seen now with companies such as Tesla however technology in this sector has advanced to such a degree that these concerns are now nullified. Our entire fleet can be charged to full capacity on a 6 hour overnight charge from a mains power supply which then allows an average range of 50 miles (variable by model, driving style and conditions). We are also able to implement a second battery in some of our models which doubles the range. For those with access to solar or green energy charging solutions the entire cycle can then become 100% carbon neutral.

Our top of the range electric scooter option the, ‘Aidea AA-Cargo’ is designed in Italy and manufactured in Japan to exacting standards. Because of this it is the proud winner of the Good Design 2018 award, and more recently the winner of the 2020 award for Excellence for the ‘Stability of its 3-wheel structure and environmental performance as an EV (electric vehicle)’ at the internationally recognised Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards in its home country.

At EVMI Solutions we have two main mission statements – help to heal the planet whilst cleaning the air we breathe, and simultaneously providing customers with money saving solutions that benefit their financial bottom line. As the conscience of the world shifts towards conservation and preservation of our local and global habitats, we are honoured to be part of the ever-growing community implementing the changes that will help us achieve our goals of a clean and sustainable future.