Project Telematics

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Do you have basic vehicle tracking and are you now considering moving to electric vehicles? Do you know where to start?

We can take your vehicle tracking data and turn it into a completely bespoke operational guide in moving to an electric fleet.

Our team of Business Intelligence and Telematics Specialists can turn your existing vehicle tracking data into an electric fleet roll out plan. We take your basic trip data and process it through our Power BI application giving you an insight into how your move to electric vehicles will roll out.

Our insights and dashboard will show you:

  • Where you can take advantage of public charge points based on your specific routes
  • Where you might consider installing charge points based on your active vehicle stopping points (visualised on a map)
  • Which electric vehicles would be suitable swaps based on like for like vehicle cubic size and cost
  • The impact on your C02 emissions
  • Cost reductions and savings based on fuel and electric vehicle charging costs
  • Impact on your operation in terms of resource hours to charge vehicles
  • Percentage of routes that will require a stop and charge
  • Specific roll out plan and support guide

We provide you with a full report and a copy of the Power BI dashboard so you can carry out your own further analysis if you require. The dashboard shows the best time to start moving to electric fleets and the impact on your operation.

If you don’t have tracking data, we can help there too. We can find you the best Telematics solution to fit your operation without being oversold. We can project manage the solution into your operation and manage the platform for you so you can concentrate on your business.

Our bespoke services include

  • Telematics Project Management
  • Managed Services
  • Consultancy
  • Tracking to EV