Dynamon's Free EV Transition Test: Paving the Way for Electric Fleet Success

Company Focus

Dynamon has just rolled out an exciting opportunity for fleet operators, suppliers, and consultants – a free Electric Vehicle (EV) Transition Test. The aim? To help them figure out if their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vans can smoothly make the shift to electric, and the best part is, there is no need to share any telematics data.

This EV Transition Test is designed to provide a comparison between your current petrol or diesel commercial vehicles and a range of electric alternatives. Thanks to ZERO, Dynamon's cutting-edge software, participants in this 'taste test' can input specific details about a chosen vehicle, routes, jobs, driving styles, and alternative specifications. This enables a comprehensive analysis of costs, energy needs, and charging requirements.

What sets this test apart is its use of ZERO's Synthetic Telematics feature. It allows users to plot routes, stops, weather conditions, and even driving styles to create realistic data simulations. Imagine having the power to forecast your electric vehicle's performance without any real-world telematics. This trial acts as a risk-free starting point for those considering the transition to electric, providing invaluable insights without any upfront commitment. The ability to analyse and understand the requirements for an EV switch is crucial, and Dynamon is making it accessible and hassle-free.

In a nutshell, Dynamon's EV Transition Test offers a sneak peek into the future of your fleet – a future that is cleaner, more sustainable, and, with ZERO, a future that is backed by precise data-driven insights. If you're contemplating the switch from conventional to electric, this free trial is your ticket to informed decision-making.

But why stop there? Let's explore how Dynamon's software tool ZERO continues to revolutionize the landscape of commercial fleets, making the transition to electric not only possible but also seamless.

ZERO: Enabling a seamless transition to Electric Commercial Vehicles
As we approach the deadline for the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales, the need for quality data to facilitate informed decisions is more critical than ever. Dynamon's data analytics and simulation tools, including ZERO, are the go-to solution for businesses aiming to optimize their transport operations in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

The move to electrification in the commercial vehicle market is more complex than for cars. Firstly, there is more limited vehicle choice in what is still a developing market, while supply may still be suppressed as a result of the global semi-conductor shortage. Additionally, the unique demands of commercial fleets, operating all day with higher mileages, necessitate more intricate charging solutions. This is where ZERO steps in. Developed specifically to navigate this transition, ZERO is an advanced data analytics tool catering to commercial fleets, consultants, leasing companies, telematics providers, and charging infrastructure suppliers. It simplifies the decision-making process by providing insights into the most suitable EVs, optimal routing, necessary charging infrastructure, and depot energy requirements.

How Does ZERO Work?

  1. Transition Planning: Identify which vehicles and depots can transition to EV now, allowing for a phased transition and spreading investment costs.
  2. EV Selection: Utilizing Dynamon's bespoke vehicle database, ZERO offers precise predictions of an EV's operational range based on key parameters such as payload, specification, and temperature impacts on battery effectiveness.
  3. Grid and Charging Infrastructure Insight: Facilitates planning and implementation of charging frameworks and provides insights into energy requirements for EV adoption.
  4. Cost Analysis: Allows fleets to assess the financial implications of owning and operating EVs compared to traditional ICE models.
  5. Tariff Optimization: Helps identify the most cost-effective electricity pricing plans for charging EVs by forecasting electricity demand based on historical operation data.
  6. Public Charging: Provides analysis of nearby public charging points.

New EV Transition Assessment Feature
Dynamon has recently introduced an innovative update for fleets, charge-point providers, suppliers, and consultants – the EV Transition Assessment feature. This addition to the ZERO package utilizes live vehicle data and mileage to offer ratings and guidance on which locations can swiftly switch to electric and which ones may need more time and investment.
The feature automatically assesses readiness for EV at each location, determining charging requirements (AC, DC, and/or public) based on existing operational parameters. It then generates an 'Ease of Electrification' score for each location, allowing businesses to plan EV rollouts strategically.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Fleet's Electric Future
In conclusion, Dynamon's suite of software tools, with ZERO at the forefront, provides a comprehensive solution for businesses navigating the complex landscape of electric fleet transition. From accurate vehicle selection to detailed charging infrastructure insights, Dynamon's tools ensure that decisions are informed by data, resulting in a smooth and successful transition to electric.

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