Police Scotland

Company Focus

In 2019 Police Scotland produced a 10 year Fleet Strategy, this ambitious document stated with economic  and commercial support their 3500 vehicle fleet could to 100% ULEV by the end of that period.


The previous year had witnessed 29 (AC) vehicle chargers installed  covering 25 sites, this is now referred to as our Pilot Phase. With Force Executive and Scottish Government backing a tender was produced to appoint a contractor to install c. 580 chargers into police stations. This was split into 3 phases based on 50, 50 and 108 sites. The ratio of 3:1 – vehicles to charging outlets was agreed, this provides a high level of resilience.


Three speeds of EV charger were chosen; 11kW AC, 50kW DC & 120kW DC. Our unmarked cars were our first  vehicles replaced by EV’s, with a rolling programme then looking at marked response vans and cars. As the vehicle manufacturers EV marques naturally develop we belief suitable vehicles will come to market. After extensive evaluation we will then start replacing those vehicle ranges. To date we have over 30% of our fleet ULEV’s.


A single RFID card provides access to c. 13,000 public chargers (UK wide) in addition to private (Police) network chargers and those belonging to other blue-light services, this continues to expand.