Getting the best out of Big Data

Company Focus

Telematics can provide a vast array of vehicle and driver data to fleet managers. However, it needs to be filtered, presented and analysed in the right way in order to maximise its value. Nickie Hunt-Mason, sales and marketing director for fleet and optimisation at Trakm8, explains how to get the best out of Big Data

Advances in connected car technology, the Internet of Things and Big Data all mean that we now have richer and deeper insight into driver and vehicle performance than ever before. However, without the right systems and processes in place to analyse that data, fleet managers are at risk of being swamped with too much information.

Here are some Trakm8’s recommendations on how to make the most of the wealth of information you can access from connected vehicles.

Integrated systems

Fleets can often end up with a mixed bag of telematics due to acquisitions, or on-boarding new technologies. This can create data silos, meaning fleet managers are unable to see the big picture and have to use multiple web portals to view key metrics.

This is why Trakm8 has developed Insight; a unique and highly-customisable telematics and business intelligence platform. User-friendly dashboards display data on the metrics which matter to you the most, such as real-time location, driver behaviour, and vehicle health and maintenance information. Alternatively you can easily build your own dashboards for a personalised overview of your fleet.

Insight’s comprehensive reporting suite includes time sheets, expenses, league tables, journey details, and vehicle status. Our user‑friendly, step-by-step report builder enables you to build personalised reports to deliver data in the way you want it packaged.

Video technology

Trakm8’s award-winning RH600 telematics camera is already established with major fleets such as Iceland Foods and Calor Gas. These cameras combine full telematics capabilities with the additional benefits of vehicle cameras, including live-streaming of footage over the 4G network.

The RH600 is proven to cut accident rates by up to 39 per cent and incidences of speeding by up to 35 per cent. It can also cut fuel expenditure by up to 10 per cent.

Trakm8 is adding advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to the RH600, which include the ability to monitor distracted driving or driver drowsiness. If the driver looks away for a few seconds, for example to check a mobile phone or is nodding off, the RH600 will issue an audible alert. The device can also send footage or photographs of the incident to the fleet manager.


Trakm8 Connectedcare provides in-depth vehicle health and status information, helping to improve road safety and reduce the risk of a costly breakdown. With a recent study placing the daily cost of a van being off the road at £800, the return on investment is clear.

For example, Connectedcare provides a true ODO reading, delivering the most accurate possible information on mileage. It can also inform the fleet manager when a service is due, or a warning light illuminates on a vehicle’s dashboard. This means that you are no longer reliant on the driver telling you about these issues – and can act before they become major problems.

Connectedcare also provides insights into actual fuel tank levels, and can detect a rapid decrease in fuel levels caused by siphoning off fuel. In addition, Connectedcare can monitor tyre pressure and send alerts back to base. Correct tyre pressure reduces wear and tear, improves vehicle safety, and also optimises fuel consumption.

Route optimisation

Along with telematics and cameras, Trakm8 is a leading provider of route optimisation and fleet scheduling software, sold under the Route Monkey brand. Going beyond basic journey planners, Route Monkey is proven to cut fuel expenditure by 20 per cent and increase productivity by up to 33 per cent.

Trakm8 also now offers full ePod integration with Route Monkey. ePods help to further reduce paperwork and speed up invoicing by providing proof of delivery or job completion.

Plug n Play

For smaller companies that are not ready to make a two or three-year commitment to a telematics provider, there are now more flexible options. Trakm8 Prime is the UK’s first fully online vehicle tracking solution – customers can order from the website, receive the devices the next day, install the units themselves, and be up and running in minutes.

For added flexibility, Trakm8 Prime is now available on a 30-day rolling contract, which provides customers with complete control over their telematics requirements. Trakm8 Prime is also competitively-priced, available from £6.99 per device per month.

Trakm8 is the UK’s largest manufacturer of telematics devices, which are designed and produced at its headquarters in the West Midlands. The company is proud to hold the Made in Britain marque. Currently it has more than 250,000 units in play.