Benno Etility®: a completely new ebike category

Company Focus

Benno Bikes was created in 2015 by Benno Baenziger with the goal of reinventing bike design.

Most Cargo E-bikes are generally large, relatively unwieldy machines that are built for one purpose only. Benno bikes are different, they feature an almost magical blend of cargo load lugging practicality along with a great handling, fun to ride E-bike.

All of this, with the ability to fit into normal cycle parking facilities, take into offices or shops and easy to store when not in use. Benno call this blend Etility®.

We believe that a cargo bike that is also great to ride means it will be more likely to actually get used in preference to other cargo transportation options.

Different by Design:

It started with a blank sheet and pencil sketch that led to an unexpected reinvention of e-bike design. The idea was simple; tweak the standard geometry of the frame to create a more natural seating position and the ability to put your feet flat on the ground when starting and stopping. Benno call it Flat Foot Technology and it helped the Electra Bicycle Company he co-founded in 1993 inspire millions of people to ride.

Benno’s UK range of Etility® bikes consist of 3 main models: the Boost, eJoy and Remidemi.

The Boost CX, with Etility® Design, is available in diamond and step through frame styles, and is the main option for those cargo use as a primary focus. It is up for anything and able to carry more than 3x the load of a typical bike at a maximum load capacity of 200kg. Flatten hills and shorten distances with the Gen 4 industry leading Bosch CX mid-drive electric motor which outputs a huge 75Nm of load lugging torque. The additional 'dual battery' option enables the Boost CX to deliver up to 160 miles of powered assistance. (One battery is included, additional batteries are available from Bosch)

A great example of commercial use has been with the Swiss Air Zermatt rescue team (i.e. the helicopter pilots that rescue people off the Matterhorn). The Air Zermatt team uses the Benno Boost bike to move equipment around between flights.

The award-winning Boost is many bikes in one, with a smart, interchangeable rack and rail system that lets you pick and choose from dozens of possible configurations to suit the journey and your lifestyle. Create your ideal workhorse using the huge range of Benno accessories to enable you to haul all your deliveries, collections or any other services you are offering around town with ease.  

The eJoy, with Etility® Design, is so much more than cute. This is a seriously smart, seriously capable bike built around the industry leading Bosch mid-drive electric motor. The sturdy rack and available front trays and storage bags let you carry 2x more weight than the typical bike. The comfortable, upright riding position gives you confidence and control, even while carrying cargo.  And for your extra precious cargo, the eJoy, is 100% compatible with most premium child seats.

The RemiDemi® breaks all the rules of how a bike is supposed to look and ride.  It has small wheels and fat, grippy tyres for major manoeuvrability. A thick, sturdy frame with a convenient low step through, an upright seating position atop a wide saddle puts you in total control. The RemiDemi loves to play, but it can work hard too, with a powerful Bosch mid-drive electric motor, Shimano Sora 9-speed and hydraulic disc brakes, and available accessories that give you countless clever ways to carry a child or loads of cargo.

All Benno bikes feature the well-established Bosch drive motors and batteries making them more easily supported wherever you are. Benno bikes are available from Independent Bicycle shops in the UK.

See the full UK Benno Bikes Etility® range here.