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Paua is a modern electric fuel card. Our EV charge card solution enables access to 10,000 electric vehicle chargepoint connectors. Coupled with a powerful mobile app presents all the data your drivers need, together with the ability to start and stop charging directly from their device. For those who prefer a simple RFID card to start and stop, this is included as standard. Fleet managers receive a single VAT bill for all their charging needs. One company with one app, one card and one bill. Access to 10,000 connectors.

Converting a fleet to electric vehicles is a daunting process. Particularly when those vehicles are critical to the operation of your business. Charging tends to be top of the mind for most fleets transitioning to electric.

Depot charging often receives first consideration where a business is fortunate enough to have the opportunity to implement the required infrastructure. However, scaling this solution can become expensive and it doesn’t suit all operational cycles.

Home charging can also be considered attractive. But complexity can emerge around who pays for and maintains home chargepoints, and how drivers should be compensated for giving up their home driveway

Often languishing in third place behind home and depot charging is the public charging solution. With a poor reputation for access and reliability this solution is regularly disregarded. However, the rise of premium chargepoint networks that pride themselves on reliability and performance means this option is becoming increasingly valuable to a zero emissions fleet.

There are many things to consider, and public electric vehicle charging is possibly not your top priority. However, it can offer you benefits you may not have considered.

Firstly, public charging infrastructure is currently undergoing a period of rapid investment as the UK Government are seeking to provide reliable and high-power networks. The latest electric vehicle infrastructure strategy has confirmed their commitment.

Billions of pounds are being deployed into technically advanced charging infrastructure across the country. BP Pulse alone is investing £1billion upgrading its network. Instavolt plans to reach 1,000 rapid chargers. Osprey charging is investing £75m in 150 rapid charging hubs. And Blackrock recently invested into Ionity.

Secondly, the ease of access to this infrastructure is improving by using Paua EV charge cards.

A perennial problem still persists caused by the abundance of disjointed network providers and the plethora of separate EV charge cards and apps necessary to access public charging. This delivers a poor experience for drivers. Further to this is the issue of obtaining charging transaction receipts. Accessing a receipt from an EV chargepoint is complicated and there is no universal procedure to do so, which merely reinforces the growing list of challenges.. With different companies requiring different approaches to receipts there is a need for simplification.

Thirdly the simplicity of obtaining a receipt for public charging via Paua means that costs are 20% lower (due to VAT recovery) than is traditionally discussed. Add to this the fact that your business capital expenditure on chargepoint installation and maintenance is no longer required, suddenly public charging becomes a comparative bargain!

Paua solves both these problems by enabling a business to utilise thousands of chargepoints with a single card and obtain a single transaction receipt. We’re the solution to the problem many businesses may not yet have encountered, simply because EV usage is not something organisations have felt confident embracing at scale. Yet with Paua, the future for business vehicle public charging is becoming far more viable, and we’re here to ensure all your transactional needs are covered.

Paua is on a mission to extend its already market leading roaming network of 10,000 connectors onto many more network providers, and bring a truly accessible charging solution, wherever your journey takes you.

With Paua, fleets and drivers can save time and money with simple access to receipts and a clear overview of charging locations and availability.

In addition, Paua offer a strong sustainability message for your organisation - we guarantee that all electricity supplied is renewable and zero emissions. You can report to your customers that there is no carbon associated with your driving.

So when it comes to recharging your electric fleet, you can be confident that Paua can give you the power wherever, whenever you need it. Use GREENFLEET50 for £50 of free charging.