Allego Charging Ltd

Company Focus

Allego delivers charging solutions for all types and models of electric vehicles, facilitating consumers, businesses, and urban infrastructures. A leader in charging solutions, we nurture and have built an international public charging network comprising of just under 40,000 public charge points, operational throughout the pan-European market. Our charging solutions are connected to the proprietary platform, EV-Cloud.

Interoperability is one of the key features Allego is proud of, always considering the EV driver centric to the type of solution on offer. Allego’s proven experience in delivering EV charging infrastructure, means EV drivers will have access to the latest in ultra-fast charging technology, with no subscription fees, just a simple tap of a credit/debit card for convenience.

As well as featuring on all major applications, the nearest fast-charging hubs can easily be located via Allego’s Smoov application, which can also be installed to serve as a payment method for EV charging. Visitors to our public fast-charging hubs, as well as passing traffic and residents of the local area are able to charge their electric vehicle when they need, and in no more than 10-15 minutes.

At Allego, we are committed to providing independent, reliable, and safe charging solutions, agnostic of vehicle model or network affiliation. Being a pioneering company, we continually strive to make EV charging easier, more convenient, and more enjoyable for all.

In short, Allego is a pan-European public charging network established in 2013, listed on NYSE in 2022. We cover 16 European countries, with an operable network of almost 40,000 public charge points, that use 100% clean renewable energy, enabling over 260 million green miles for EV drivers in 2021.