Jifeline Networks

Company Focus

Since 2012, Jifeline's founders worked on a solution for managing vehicle electronics remotely, via the internet. Passion for technology, perseverance and a good team of specialists in various disciplines has led to a unique infrastructure for remote diagnostics which also includes their own team of technicians, Jifeline Remote Diagnostics.

Due to the huge growth over various language areas and time-zones and the increasing demand from other vehicle specialists to use the Jifeline solution, it was decided to open-up their infrastructure to other remote diagnostics partners.
Jifeline Networks now works with partners who work with dealer groups, workshops, bodyshops, windscreen replacement companies, tow-bar fitters and replacement key companies; and of course, Fleet operators, giving them the opportunity to optimally utilise the capacity of their best diagnostic specialists.
Operations like reading-out and resetting fault-codes, programming or coding of replace electronic modules, keys or newly installed tow-bars can be done remotely in the blink of an eye, dramatically reducing key-to-key time and costs. This is possible in your own corporate identity, which creates an important marketing tool.

Following the successful launching of their remote support solution in 2018, Jifeline was thrilled to successfully be awarded an innovation award at the world’s leading trade fair for the automotive aftermarket, Automechanika (Frankfurt) and has gone from strength to strength to reach the level of market leader in every European country including the UK.

Their innovative solution has given Jifeline Networks the ability to partner up with some of the world leaders in both the diagnostic and distribution sectors all the way down to smaller partners who specialise in certain areas such as windscreen replacement, tow-bars and key coding.

Today’s modern vehicles have been designed with many safety features, which need to be scanned correctly to ascertain fault codes, while correctly calibrating radars and sensors and additionally coding of new parts such as headlamps to perform as designed. For many multi-brand workshops, it is almost impossible to have all the tools, skills and knowledge to organise this in a proper way. This is exactly where the Jifeline Networks solution jumps in.

Over 130 partners providing service in more than 50 countries are currently working using the  in Jifeline Networks infrastructure, supporting all areas of the motor industry daily, including the fleet sector. The Jifeline Networks infrastructure allows these partners to connect any OEM or aftermarket diagnostic tool from a central location which is then linked via the cloud to the remote device connected to the vehicle in the workshop. After this, the remote operator can use the diagnostic tool on the car as if he is standing next to the car.

Due to the nature and usability of the solution, it’s an easy way of managing fleet repairs by deploying work intelligently to in-house or external experts - no matter where the vehicle is located or what the job was required. This provides far greater control over the timescales and costs involved in the repair and maintenance of fleet vehicles, therefore improving efficiency and reducing business risks and costs.

One key benefit of the Jifeline ecosystem is that it enables technicians from within all of the different partners to connect with each other. This means that any work unable to be completed in-house can easily and quickly be outsourced to another partner who does have the tool and knowledge required for that specific vehicle. This allows for more work to be completed in real time without the need to delay repairs.

The benefits of working with Jifeline are considerable, especially in a world where vehicle technology is continuing to evolve. The solution allows companies to manage repairs in-house using their own tools and technicians or through business-to-business specialists. Jifeline is the only remote solution that consists of certified trained technicians, specialist technicians across the different sectors of the motor industry and OE trained technicians, therefore ensuring that the best resource is available on each job.

Within Jifeline Networks your internet security is at the top of the agenda. The connection between the vehicle and diagnostic specialist is safeguarded by a proprietary protocol which has been tested by various renowned specialists, giving the comfort to know that there is a secure infrastructure available. Next to this, Jifeline Network’s internal IT specialists made huge effort to create an infrastructure ensuring speed and stability.

The Jifeline dashboard is API-based, this means it can be easily integrated into applications, websites, and systems. This includes connection with financial software, data from tickets and invoices with vehicle data and work performed, all seamlessly integrated with your existing system.

If managing your own fleet of vehicles doesn’t fit your business model then no problem, with so many partners you easily work directly with them and get all the benefits of remote support and the market leading network of experts.