Drax Electric Vehicles

Company Focus

At Drax Electric Vehicles, our partnership approach means we share energy and EV expertise at every step in your electrification journey. Whether you’re aiming to convert fleet vehicles to EVs, generate revenue by offering charging facilities or boost your sustainability credentials, we’re ‘energy first’ – but partners all the way.

EV solution providers

Fleet electrification
We help organisations transition their delivery, operational and/or executive fleets to EVs for environmental benefits, cost savings and to beat the 2030 ban on sales of new petrol/diesel vehicles.

Electrification’s a complex process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be problematic. Our EV experts support a smooth integration to EVs that keeps organisations on the move and delivers optimised benefits.

Destination charging
By focusing on delivering suitable, effective and futureproof charging facilities, we help destination businesses (like shopping centres, hotels and car parks) generate revenue and build competitive advantage.

Our energy expertise means we tailor charging solutions to customers’ needs and their sites’ existing infrastructures. Rather than trying to sell customers more charge stations, we deliver solutions that bring the best return on investment.

Workplace charging
Workplace EV charging facilities can offer employees convenience and organisations a boost to their environmental credentials. But it’s our understanding of customer aims, existing energy demands and overall site capacity that enables us to deliver the right solutions.

The charging solutions we install enable organisations to restrict access to staff, extend it to visitors – or offer charging to the public and make their workplace a community hub.

EV service providers

My Electric Vehicles
My Electric Vehicles is our market-leading web portal for fleet, facilities and energy managers. Use it to manage your charging infrastructure – or mobilise its full potential by unifying your charge station, fleet and site energy consumption data.

  • Charge station management

See the location, availability, performance and status of your EV charge stations.

  • Vehicle management

Use telematics to track your fleet in real time and deal with issues before they happen.

  • Energy management

Explore your EV operation’s energy use within the context of your sites’ consumption.

My Electric Vehicles’ user-friendly interface offers an easier way to track your EV operations, react to developments, and prove the financial and sustainability value your investment delivers.

Payment options
The charge stations we install support payment and authorisation methods that’ll help optimise your operational efficiencies, manage your user-base and improve end-user experiences.

These methods can help fleet drivers avoid personal expenses, EV owners enjoy hassle-free charging and you generate revenue.

Why Drax Electric Vehicles?

End-to-end partnership approach
Supporting you through the full process of electrification – and helping link the stages involved while avoiding costly mistakes – we work as your electrification partner. From assessing the potential and building the business case, through to managing implementation and optimising cost and environmental benefits, we’re with you for the journey.

Valuable insight and intelligence
The combination of our background, our expertise and our full-support offer means we’re able to add value at every stage of your EV transition. By fully understanding operational requirements, we’ll work with you to implement vehicle, hardware and charging-infrastructure solutions that deliver cost and environmental benefits without negatively affecting business-as-usual.

Sustainability as standard
As Drax, we’ve publicly stated our ambition to be carbon negative by 2030. So, as Drax Electric Vehicles, our focus on environmental, cost and societal benefits is built in. Offering the supply of 100% renewable source power, we understand how electrification fits into your sustainability objectives.

Bigger-picture perspective
Our energy expertise enables us to approach the challenge of electrification from a different angle to hardware manufacturers or vehicle leasing companies. We’re not driven by selling EVs – our recommendations are based on cost, environmental and operational benefits to you. And, always aware of developments and innovations, we’ll futureproof your investment and make sure you’re ready to take advantage of emerging opportunities.  

Find out more at energy.drax.com/ev