Company Focus

E.ON is one of the largest energy companies in the world. Across Europe, we have over 54 million customers and operate c1.5 million km of energy networks. We’re also the largest electricity supplier in the UK, responsible for powering nearly one in every five households and small businesses with 100% renewable electricity on all tariffs, as standard, at no extra cost. But energy is only a small part of what we do. We offer a range of energy solutions: solar panels, battery and storage, building energy data analysis and controls, air source heat pumps, district heating schemes, and of course, electric vehicle charging. We’re currently on track to install our 1,200th business charge point this year in the UK, and have over 36,000 charging points across Europe, including our ultra-fast charging stations in Birmingham and Preston.

We welcomed the Government’s Clean Air Strategy, just as we did the move by Parliament to bring the 2050 net zero target into law. But transforming the status quo and clearing the air means all of us changing the way we live, work and travel. And we need to do it right now if we’re going to make the impact needed to stay on track. The decisions we take in the years between now and 2030 will determine whether we are able to gain sufficient momentum to achieve success in reaching a zero-emissions future. Currently, transport contributes around 25% of all UK emissions, and as businesses operating fleet vehicles, we all have a part to play.

Here at E.ON, we’re leading by example, having made the decision and now taking the necessary steps to ensure all our future company cars for employees will be fully electric. We believe that not only does this reduce our carbon footprint and improve air quality, but will also help to drive change in the business world and increase the volume of affordable EVs in the second hand market to support a just transition for all.
We’ve also installed over 50 charging points across our estate and are currently undertaking a feasibility study to have EV charging at all of our sites, including V2G (vehicle to grid). We’ve already switched 159 of our own vehicles to electric, and plan to electrify our entire UK fleet by 2030. Whatever obstacles you might have with EV adoption in your business, we’ve already worked through them ourselves.

Things are changing. EVs are rapidly displacing traditional options in fleets across the country and there are huge benefits to switching your fleet over today. Firstly, you won’t be alone—a third of the UK’s fleet managers expect more than 50% of their company car fleets to be EVs by 2025*. They’re doing so because of the huge savings that can made by switching to an EV fleet. Not only is fuelling EVs cheaper than combustion-engine vehicles, but maintaining EVs costs 50% less**. EVs are also exempt from congestion charges, ULEZ/CAZ fees, road tax and BIK tax. Ultimately, moving to an electric fleet is not only the sustainable choice, but the economic choice too.

When it comes to installing the infrastructure to support that fleet, there are several new developments that can lead to even greater savings. V2G technology allows you to make your EV fleet as profitable as possible, by charging your vehicles during off-peak times and allowing electricity to be sold back to the grid during peak times. We can provide you with the reporting and data to help you understand all of your fleet charging sessions, and with smart charging just around the corner, we’ll be able to help you make all of this automatic.  You can even generate your own energy through renewables to offset or even erase the cost of powering your fleet. With numerous financial and reputational benefits available and the 2030 deadline looming, businesses that make the move today will establish themselves as sustainable pioneers and be investing in vital infrastructure that will serve them well into the future.

With over a decade of experience in this field, we are the experts. Of course, any new investment can be a daunting prospect, but E.ON is here to help businesses through this transition and support their EV charging needs through to 2030 and beyond. No matter the size of your project or the level of support you need, we can offer a package that’s right for you. Whether that’s installing chargers for employees, a station of rapid-charging commercial units for customers, or the infrastructure to support a whole fleet of vehicles.

* Go Ultra Low, New Survey Reveals One In Three Fleet Managers Will Electrify At Least Half Their UK Fleet By 2025, May 2020
** Great Plains Institute, Consumer Reports Study Finds Electric Vehicle Maintenance Costs Are 50% Less Than Gas-Powered Cars, November 2020