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Final Mile Delivery

“Final Mile Delivery” is best defined as the cross-city delivery of products from a supplier to a business or domestic destination.

The demand for final mile delivery is rapidly increasing in all sectors, it is now more important than ever for suppliers and retailers to find innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions.

Horwin-e-Fleet continuously supports the government’s quest for decarbonisation by massively reducing the negative impact of Final Mile Delivery on the climate, inner city air quality and noise pollution.

In addition to all the environmental advantages, it makes sound business sense to switch to a Horwin electric delivery solution:

  • Convenient....Charge at your place of business.
  • Save....On fuel, maintenance, and depreciation costs.
  • Zero Emissions....Meet your decarbonisation targets.
  • Popularity....Electric is now at the forefront.
  • Safe....Simple to control, increased safety, better fleet management.
  • Cost-Effective....Purchase, lease, or rental options available
  • Efficient…95% fleet uptime.

Making the Transition to Electric

The pressure is already on fleet managers to lead the charge into cleaner, greener mobility, with the ever-increasing congestion of inner-city locations. Switching to two wheels makes more sense for those final mile deliveries.

The Horwin EK1-DS focuses on range, today inner cities are adopting a 20mph speed limit so there is no need for speed, the EK1 sits in the 50cc (L1e) classification giving you a top speed of 30mph.

The Horwin EK1-DS comes into its own out on the road, 62 miles can be covered between charges, with the option of taking a second battery the EK1-DS+ can be safely delivering your cargo at up to 30mph whilst returning a total of 120 inner city miles.

Features and Benefits of Electric Cargo Scooters

The powerful hub motor delivers a consistent and strong performance. The outstanding ergonomic design and efficient shock absorption system ensure a comfortable, responsive riding experience for your riders.

  • High Voltage Intelligent Lithium battery
  • High Torque Hub Motor
  • Class Leading LED directional headlight
  • Cruise Control
  • 3 ½ hour charge time from flat.

Experience Electric for yourself

Our national fleet team offer demonstration models of both EK1-DS and EK3-DS to enable your business to fully experience and understand the benefits of an electric cargo scooter, once your riders have completed a day’s work through stress free traffic, meeting and exceeding those time sensitive deliveries you will understand why the Horwin EK-DS range works for your fleet.