AECOM launches EV smart charging management system


Infrastructure firm AECOM has signed a memorandum of understanding with electric vehicle (EV) charging technology firm Zapinamo to launch a new smart system for fleet and infrastructure owners to manage charging in the most energy efficient and low carbon way.

The EVC Enterprise solution enables owners of EV fleets and owners of charging infrastructure from any manufacturer to monitor how much electricity is being used and when, as well as the energy source used. It can also be integrated with a firm's Enterprise Management Systems software.

Energy costs can be managed more effectively by co-ordinating chargers and charging cycles across multiple locations and user groups. This will enable firms and organisations to better control the balance of cost of energy from different sources with convenience, demand and emissions.

Zapinamo provides the technology which makes all this possible through the certification of the energy source and communication with any charger at any location through its OCPP2.0 standard compliant charge station management system. AECOM brings its energy systems knowledge and will be responsible for integrating the solution into clients’ EMS.

The client’s user groups can include fleet, staff, public, visitors and contractors depending on the nature of their business and their needs. Cost capture or payment processing is through either a single contactless payment card or by ISO15118 vehicle recognition.

All users of the system receive dynamic visualisations which lay out their energy and carbon use. Machine learning can be applied to the results to help further reduce carbon and consumption.