Zipcar reports popularity of EV fleet


Car sharing network Zipcar has reported that its EV fleet of 325 Volkswagen e-Golfs has been popular during its first year since launch.

22,000 unique members have used Zipcar's fleet of EVs since it launched in July 2018. This indicates that the new option to drive an EV is creating a surge in electric car sharing in the UK, as well as supporting the growth in car sharing overall.  

Zipcar UK membership is now at 280,000 and has grown by 33 per cent in the past year, and there are 3,000 Zipcar vehicles in London.

Zipcar now partners with five charging companies across London and, in the past year, has undertaken 10,000 car charges helping strengthen the business case for further private sector investment in infrastructure.

Over 200,000 trips have been completed by EVs in the past year alone.
Jonathan Hampson, General Manager, Zipcar UK, says: “We are delighted to see how popular this electric part of our offering is proving. Car sharing is already one of the most sustainable ways to use a car when you need one in the capital but it is fantastic to be able to extend this and make EV driving accessible to all. We are proud of the positive contribution this is having to reduce pollution in the capital and are now fully focused on achieving our aim of a fully electric fleet by 2025.”