Labour wants business fleets to be electric by 2025


The Labour Party has announced it wants business car fleets to be electric by 2025 and would provide incentives to make it happen, including removing the £320 Vehicle Excise Duty surcharge on electric vehicles purchased for private fleet use above £40,000 for two years.

The Party also wants to launch a scrappage scheme to replace ICE cars over ten years old with new electric cars, saving buyers an estimated £2,000.

The scrappage scheme would initially be available for one year and will aim to replace 400,000 of the most polluting cars with new low carbon electric cars.

The party will also commit to making the entire government car fleet electric by 2025, instead of the Conservative’s aim for 25% of the government fleet to be electric by 2022.

Shadow BEIS Secretary, Rebecca Long Bailey said: “Tackling the climate emergency provides an opportunity to upgrade our economy and way of life.

“Instead of driving old polluting cars, we want ordinary people to have the ability to drive to new, clean and green cars.

“The air in our cities will be cleaner and the UK’s carbon emissions will be lower. Increased demand for electric cars will also give a much needed boost to our automobile industry, creating thousands of new jobs.”