First all-electric service set for Barnsley


Barnsley Council cabinet members have discussed plans to replace and upgrade 149 vehicles within the councils fleet and introduce more ultra low emission vehicles.

The cabinet report, discussed on 21 August, recommends the replacement of 149 vehicles from the council's fleet alongside an additional five procured to improve service delivery across 12 council departments and three external partners.

25 per cent of these vehicles will be upgraded to ULEVs. The report also seeks to upgrade 100 per cent of the council's PEST control vehicles to electric, making it the council's first all-electric service.

Following the vision to create a 'brighter future and a better Barnsley', upgrading old vehicles to newer suitable technology will help to reduce carbon emissions and provide future sustainability for the council and its partners.

Chris Lamb, cabinet spokesperson for Environment and Transport, said: "The vehicle replacement strategy aims to improve the equipment used by services within the council and its partners. The proposed upgrades will have a positive impact on the council's service delivery, providing a more efficient and reliable service for our residents. The new vehicles will have the latest safety technology installed and save us time and money. They will also help us to meet our aims of achieving improved air quality across the borough."