Openreach commits to an all electric fleet by 2030


Openreach has made a commitment to upgrade all 27,000 of its vehicles to electric by 2030. The company has the second largest commercial fleet in the UK.

Openreach has also created 5,300 new UK-based engineering jobs, to be filled during 2021.

The new roles, located in communities throughout the country, will enable the company to continue improving service levels across its existing networks, whilst building and connecting customers to its new, ultrafast, ultra-reliable ‘Full Fibre’ broadband network at a record pace.

Openreach CEO, Clive Selley, said: “We know the network we’re building can deliver a host of green benefits – from consuming less power to enabling more home working and fewer commuting trips - and we’re going to take that a step further, by committing to build and maintain that network using state of the art electric vehicles across our 27,000-strong fleet. We’ll have completely transitioned to EVs by 2030.”