Hydrogen bikes available for journalists at G7 Summit


A fleet of its hydrogen fuel cell bikes will now available at the G7 World Summit, to provide sustainable transport for journalists covering the event.

The Alpha bikes by Pragma Industries have had a 50% increase on range, using an advanced, high-pressure gas cylinder from AMS Composite Cylinders.

As part of the project, which was funded by Engie, 200 Alpha bikes will be available to journalists throughout the 45th G7 summit in Biarritz, France, from 22-26 August. Journalists will be able to use the pedelec bikes to travel between the press centre and the city where 2 bike pick up and return stations will be installed.

By replacing the original (200 bar) gas cylinder for AMS’s ultra-lightweight, non-limited life, high pressure (300 bar) carbon composite gas cylinder, Pragma have pushed the maximum range of Alpha from 100km to 150km. With typical battery powered bikes offering a maximum range of around 50km, Alpha’s new range offers a number of practical benefits.

After the summit, the 200 Alpha bikes will be made available for long term rental across the city, providing an eco-transport legacy for the region.