London's ULEZ policy needs a fleet focus, says BVRLA


The BVRLA is urging policymakers to work more closely with fleets before London's ULEZ is in place and has highlighted the important role that the vehicle rental, leasing and car club sector can play in accelerating the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles.

“The ULEZ coming in April is just the start,” said BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney.

“We will see a massive expansion to the zone in October 2021 and many are predicting it will become zero emission from 2025.

“Fleets are already choosing the vehicles they will operate for the next few years. For many, 2025 is now. We urgently need a clear, long-term vision that includes the right support for SMEs and other essential road users.”

The BVRLA is calling on the Mayor of London, Transport for London and national government to help promote the role that vehicle rental, leasing and car clubs can play in providing access to ULEZ-compliant vehicles.

The association is also asking policymakers to provide more money for ULEZ mitigation measures that can help fleets and individuals either upgrade their vehicles or make the shift into more sustainable modes of transport.

The BVRLA wants to ensure that future zero emission zones are properly signposted, managed and co-ordinated and give adequate consideration to the cost and supply constraints surrounding electric vehicles.

It also wants policymakers to focus on bottlenecks within London’s public EV charging network, ensuring priority access for commercial vehicle fleets and car share providers, as well as embrace the behaviour change potential of Mobility Credits, which encourage people to abandon vehicle ownership in favour of a credit that can be used on public transport, bike and car sharing.

“In many ways London’s ULEZ will be a vital reference point for other UK Clean Air Zones (CAZs). By engaging properly with fleets policymakers can have the maximum impact on pollution and congestion and learn some valuable lessons for other cities with similar issues,” added Keaney.