Pop-up electric vehicle chargers in Dundee


Pop-up electric car chargers are set to appear in Dundee streets thanks to new government funding, as the city’s innovative electric vehicle infrastructure moves up a gear.

£3 million has been awarded from the  Innovate UK scheme for tests into a low-cost, scalable charging solutions for electric vehicle (EV) users without off street parking. Carried out by smart city consultancy Urban Foresight, the demonstrator project will see up to 18 charging hubs installed in Dundee and Plymouth.

The chargers will be ‘pop-up’ models, to avoid street clutter and obstructions when not in use and integrate the supply equipment into the streetscape.  

Alan Ross, Dundee City Council city development convener, said: “Dundee now enjoys an international reputation for its electric vehicle vision thanks to the innovative work carried out by the council, Urban Foresight and the Mobility Innovation Living Lab (The MILL). This new funding will allow the testing of pop-up chargers is an innovative development that will help people who park their vehicles on the street. I will be interested to see how this helps us take EV use forward in the city.”