Exeter to quadruple EV chargepoints over two years


Devon County Council (DCC) has formed a consortium with ZAPINAMO and Gamma Energy, to install and operate 150 electric car charge points in Exeter over the next two years.

This project, which is a result of a successful funding bid with Innovate UK, would increase the 30 publicly accessible charge points in Exeter by 400 per cent.

The £4m StreetHUBZ project will be delivered by ZAPINAMO, developers of a new generation of superfast car chargers, and Gamma Energy.

In February DCC declared a ‘climate emergency’ and formed the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group (DCERG), which consists of 25 influential business groups, councils and public sector bodies who have pledged to work together to reduce carbon emissions.

DCC has helped draft and signed up to the Climate Change Declaration, which commits each group to reduce emissions and help transform Devon into a low-carbon economy through ‘collective action, innovation and influence’.

ZAPINAMO will design, build, install and maintain the EV ‘StreetHUBZ’ chargers and Gamma Energy will own and operate the infrastructure.

The chargers use a low power electricity supply and energy storage system, which means they are easy to install and can charge vehicles quickly.

Co-Cars will also provide a number of electric vehicles through their car-sharing service, which will allow the public to test drive an electric vehicle and use the car charge points.