Free consulting for small businesses offered by Fleet Evolution


Fleet management firm Fleet Evolution is offering a free consulting service to small businesses for a limited period.

The firm says it is a response to high levels of confusion over issues such as the new Worldwide Harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) for emissions, and changes to the Optional Remuneration Arrangements (OpRA) governing salary sacrifice.

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The company says fleets have been left unsure what to do next and which cars they should be ordering.

Managing director Andrew Leech: "I've met with a number of small businesses recently that are totally confused by the new legislative changes around the OpRA rules affecting salary sacrifice car schemes.

"In the overwhelming number of cases, there has been little or no increase in the amount that employees pay for their new cars and salary sacrifice should continue to feature as a valuable employee benefit going forward. However, for many small businesses, this message does not appear to be getting across.

"We also have the issue of WLTP and the CO2 gap that is becoming apparent between the correlated values under the old NEDC regime and those under the new WLTP test."

Small businesses, typically described as having less than 300 employees, can get free advice during August and September.