Logistics UK launches freight ferry service to reduce costs


Logistics UK has partnered with ferry experts Freightlink to launch a service to enable members to obtain the best possible value for their freight movements.

Shipping goods by ferry can add cost and administrative delays to freight movements, due to fluctuations in pricing and space availability, and this service will help tackle this.

Al Richardson, Head of Membership at Logistics UK explains, the partnership will provide genuine benefits for member businesses: “Our new service will take advantage of Freightlink’s expertise to provide members with a seamless experience every time they book a journey,” he says.  “The combined reputation of both organisations means we are able to offer genuine reductions and first-class customer support, seven days a week.
“All freight vehicles operated by members are eligible to use the service, from smaller vans to HGVs. With so much volatility in the economy, the new service – which links the extensive knowledge of the team at Freightlink with the size and scale of Logistics UK – will ensure that our members have access to capacity across the entire European ferry network and can keep costs under control while continuing to deliver for customers.”
Managing Director of Freightlink, Alex McDonald says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Logistics UK to provide this new solution to their membership. Users of this service will experience unparalleled levels of customer care and industry expertise. We are proud to share this with the Logistics UK members.”
The new Logistics UK Freight Ferry Service, powered by Freightlink, will offer discounts on all journeys to and from Great Britain, including travel to Northern and the Republic of Ireland and cross-Channel routes.  To find out more, members should visit  www.logistics.org.uk/freightferry