Co Wheels cars give off 54% less emissions that private vehicles


Car club Co Wheels has released its social impact report highlighting its influence on environmental, social, and business factors in the UK.

The pay-as-you-go car club has reduced its carbon emissions by 20%, and all its vehicles are 100% ULEZ, LEZ and CAZ compliant, with a third being electric.

The report details a series of industry-first innovations include becoming the first car hire company to make hydrogen car technology available to the public, and an all in-one smartcard that allows use of the car club alongside buses, in partnership with operator Go North East.

Co Wheel’s social impact report reveals further statistics and testimonials from people whose lives and businesses have been made more cost-effective and sustainable by driving the electric and hybrid cars that make up the majority of Co Wheels’ fleet.

It was found that Co Wheels cars give off 54% less emissions than the average privately owned cars in the UK, making them the greenest, cleanest national car club in the country.

Richard Falconer, managing director of Co Wheels, said: “The findings in the report confirm that small, incremental changes by people and organisations make a bigger impact on sustainability efforts than grand slogans and unmet promises. If everyone knew the benefits of car clubs they’d be much more widely used – the impact report will help businesses, local authorities, and individuals understand how they can adapt for a greener future.”

Co Wheels is on track to increase the electric vehicles in their already leading fleet by 20% by 2025.

He added: “From the start of our journey, we have focused our efforts on helping businesses and communities save money and live sustainably. We are not here to be a car rental service, but to try and embed sustainable vehicles into people's everyday lives without needing to own a car.”

The social impact report includes an extensive insight into plans that Co Wheels has made for the future, actively pursuing wider mobility partnerships including e-bikes, e-scooters and innovative public transport options.