Campaign launched to counter misinformation about electric vehicles


A campaign has been launched to counter the raft of misinformation about electric vehicles from some media providers and MPs.

The campaign, called  #StopBurningStuff, has been officially launched today (19 September) by FairCharge, in partnership with Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged SHOW, and has been endorsed by scientists, climate ambassadors and senior industry.

Quentin Willson, Founder FairCharge: “There’s too much misinformation and irresponsible, ill-informed, mischief being disseminated by some of the mainstream media, and vocal right wing backbench MPs determined to sabotage the move towards renewable energy. Fully Charged SHOW, in partnership with FairCharge, aims to set the record straight and put an end to the culture wars that are obscuring, educated, fact-based, conversation and damaging EV adoption among the public. This unchecked tirade of inaccurate negativity has the potential to damage the future of the UK car industry as they increase production of electric cars and invest in new vehicle and battery factories. Global capital won’t invest in the UK with such inaccurate ideological conflict raging in the media.”

Willson recently wrote to the new energy secretary urging her to support its campaigning and boost the UK’s energy independence and security.

FairCharge has been integral to ensuring that polices are maintained in order to offer stability and confidence to markets and investments.

Robert Llewellyn, Founder of the Fully Charged SHOW: "The issue with the perceived culture war on electric cars is that the UK does not
exist in a bubble. All around us, developed countries are seeing electric vehicle sales grow and grow, and if the UK falls behind, then this lessens the chance we have of being beneficiaries of the investment and jobs that the transition to battery electric will bring. While more recent manufacturing announcements in the UK, from Jaguar Land Rover, Stellantis and Mini are welcome, we are still trailing behind countries on the continent, and future electric vehicle superpowers like the USA and China."

The initiative will put in place by a dedicated team, who will counter the 'FUD' (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), with FACTS (factual, accurate, certainty, truthful and sensible).

This will result in facts, figures and infographics for media and others to turn to when bombarded by anti-sustainability narratives.