Bibby Distribution’s telematics reduces CO2 emissions for customers


Bibby Distribution’s use of telematics to create tailored driver training has improved its fuel economy by 10 per cent and reduced its CO2 emissions by 11 per cent – savings directly benefiting its customers.

The 3PL’s use of Microlise technology sees 79 per cent of its drivers now operate in the top two levels of performance, meaning they maximise safe and fuel-efficient driving.

Bibby has a wide customer base in a number of key industrial sectors where driving safety, environmental performance and cost control are seen as critical.

Bibby Distribution’s continuous improvement manager, David Morley, says: “The data we get from our telematics system is incredibly powerful and we have been able to use it to create tailored training programmes, delivering bespoke training aligned to business strategy which improves driver skills and customer experience.

“That means we can give customers every confidence they will benefit from lower carbon emissions in their supply chain and more cost-effective delivery.”