Asda launches van fleet insulated with recycled plastic water bottles


Asda has launched its new fleet of efficient  Mercedes-Benz Sprinter delivery vans, which have been insulated using 5,500 recycled plastic water bottles, making them 300kgs lighter than the standard model.

What's more, the carbon fibre fleet has a 10% improvement in miles per gallon and has increased capacity inside.

Simon Gregg, Asda’s Vice President of Online Grocery Home Shopping said: “I’m really excited to launch this fleet of innovative and sustainable grocery home shopping vans which will make a real difference to cutting our carbon footprint.

“As a business, we are constantly looking at ways we can reduce our carbon emissions, not just because we know that sustainability is important to our customers and colleagues, but because all of us have a responsibility, and it’s just the right thing to do, making improvements wherever we can."

The vans will focus on areas where drivers have increased mileage to reach customers in remote areas such as parts of the East Coast.

Asda has made a commitment to reduce its scope one and two emissions by 50% by 2025 and is working with suppliers to sharing ideas and solutions to tackle climate change and food waste.