Spirii and Vital EV enable fleets to share HGV charging


Spirii and DC charging specialist Vital EV have partnered to enable heavy duty fleet operators to publicise their charging networks through Vital’s Occulus charge management portal.

By opening their chargers to the public, heavy duty fleet operators can reduce the financial burden of their charging infrastructure while generating alternative revenue streams. Simultaneously, the industry benefits from a greater number of HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle)-accessible public charging points.

The speed of a charger is directly related to its cost, as more power modules – one of the costliest components of a DC charger – are required for faster charging speeds. The scarcity of publicly-accessible charging points is another challenge. To address these issues, Vital EV and Spirii have collaborated to offer a solution that allows fleet and network operators to monetise their charging points while also contributing to the expansion of the charging infrastructure.

Alex Rae, Managing Director of Vital EV, states: “As a specialist in EV charging infrastructure, Vital EV is proactively developing solutions to mitigate the challenges of electrifying the truck industry. We are proud to work with a globally renowned software company on this exciting project, which reduces financial burdens for fleet owners and increases the number of publicly accessible chargers for electric heavy duty vehicles.”

Tore Harritshøj, CEO of Spirii, said: "Our joint solution enables public access to chargers at strategically selected times, offering flexible pricing options. Considering the high demand, I believe that operators who adopt this approach and open their charging facilities to the public will likely draw a large number of users and, as a result, generate additional income.”