A-to-Z EV Rally: Team BMW


With years of investment into EV technology, BMW is looking forward to testing their electric models on the 1,400+ mile route of the A-to-Z EV Rally. GREENFLEET catches up with Team BMW's Matt Collins to find out more

We are delighted that BMW is joining us on the EV Rally for the first time this year. Could you tell us why you decided to participate?

Having seen the success of the GREENFLEET EV rally in previous years, we were keen to participate to showcase the real-world driving range, performance, and capabilities of our latest all-electric vehicles; including the new BMW iX2 and i5 Touring – both new models launched this year, strengthening our EV model portfolio. The EV Rally also allows us to share with audiences the advancements in BMW innovations and technology, the strength of all-electric as a daily proposition but also our desire to retain our renowned BMW driving dynamics combined with zero driving emissions.  

Please tell us about Team BMW - who will be driving and in what vehicles?

Our brilliant BMW UK Corporate Team will be taking on the EV Rally this year, with 10 Account Managers and Corporate Sales colleagues driving four of our latest models, including the new BMW iX2, i5 Touring and two all-electric MINI Countrymans.

The Rally is over 1,400 miles and this year will be visiting towns and checkpoints from A to Z in alphabetical order. What do you expect the challenges to be and are you going into the Rally with any particular strategy?

We love the A to Z theme. We’ll be enjoying the latest BMW connected technology, using the suggested charge-optimised routes for maximum efficiency. The team are looking forward to spending time together and getting to know each other a little better – you think you know a colleague, until a 1,400 mile road trip! We have many play lists prepared, supported by our BMW Caring Car feature activating various functions within the cabin to keep energy levels high.

Are BMW vehicles equipped with a particular technology that you think will help your team?

BMW has been investing significantly in EV technology for many years. The models we’ll be driving use BMW Group’s fifth-generation eDrive electric motors and the latest high-energy density lithium-ion battery packs to provide excellent driving range. The advanced braking systems fitted to our vehicles can also intelligently adjust the amount of regeneration based on driving conditions, helping to recapture more energy and some of our other technologies such as adaptive cruise control, route planning and eco-driving modes will also help maximise the real-world driving range of our vehicles during the rally.

Day Four of the Rally will see participants call into BMW's head office at Farnborough. Please tell us what teams can expect when they get there?

All EV Rally participants will receive a warm welcome. We’ll be showcasing BMW Group’s all-electric model range, the latest BMW technology and of course, BMW hospitality at our UK headquarters in Farnborough.

Why are events like the EV Rally important for driving up electric-vehicle adoption?

It’s important that the industry demonstrates the everyday capability of all-electric vehicles. The UK-wide infrastructure is improving rapidly, as is the range consumers can expect from new electric vehicles, but we need to demonstrate these benefits in a meaningful, tangible way.

BMW all-electric models provide our customers with reassuring electric range capabilities, far more than capable of most daily commutes and everyday journeys while delivering the rewarding BMW driving dynamics that one would expect. Inside, our vehicles are packed with the latest technology and connectivity to support drivers on every journey, for example by intelligently planning routes for optimised electric range and charging. Vehicles that succeed at the EV Rally, can succeed in every day for our customers.

Please tell us about BMW's own sustainability plans and progress?

At BMW Group we absolutely recognise the importance of developing not just sustainable vehicles but a sustainability mindset. This includes defining targets that will enable us to contribute to the goals set out by the Paris Climate Agreement and the accompanying 1.5-degree objective – be it through ecological initiatives, social activities or our overall governance.

By 2030 the BMW Group has laid out measurable, science-based targets to reduce CO2 emissions (base year 2019) by an average of 80% carbon reduction at our owned production sites and locations per vehicle produced Likewise reducing CO2 emissions during the vehicle’s use phase by an average of at least 50% per km driven (largely through the increase of electrified vehicles within our range), and an average of at least 20% carbon reduction in the supply chain per vehicle produced. We have a comprehensive approach to achieve our sustainability goals and you can see that in everything from the recycled materials in our vehicles to the solar panels on our factory roofs.