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Company Focus

This year The Grosvenor Group celebrates 40 years of business having first opened its doors in 1981.

Over 4 decades, small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) have been a key focus for Grosvenor and, despite growing to become the UK’s largest privately-owned contract hire and fleet management specialist, SME’s enjoy a personal touch rarely found with larger businesses.

With no call centre queues or voice mail options, customers are put through to the same professional, friendly and helpful teams each time they call. This offers a personal, first name relationship that has resulted in Grosvenor repeatedly scoring between 98% and even 100% in their customer satisfaction surveys – a large proportion of which is from SME clients.

“We’re incredibly proud of the service, support and advice that we offer our customers,” says Mary Dopson-Taylor, Grosvenor’s customer services director.

“It’s because of our very high standards that the Grosvenor Group is the chosen contract hire and fleet management provider to many of the best-known companies in the UK as well as hundreds of SMEs who have been with us for very many years.”

For SMEs, Grosvenor’s complete proposition uniquely combines 3 key offerings.

Grosvenor Leasing: With Grosvenor Leasing, customers enjoy an award-winning contract hire service providing all forms of vehicle funding and outstanding client and driver support.

Interactive Fleet Management: This is our specialist fleet management arm, dedicated purely to managing fleets. Irrespective of funding method, it’s best described as ‘your very own’ fleet department, managing all vehicles, drivers and suppliers whether you contract hire or own your vehicles.

Grosvenor Personal Leasing: This offers competitive personal contract hire, offering extensive benefits to SMEs. As a great option for drivers choosing cash instead of car, it offers an additional staff benefit and reduces your grey fleet administration.

“Alongside business contract hire and fleet management, there has been a sharp rise in personal contract hire (PCH,” continues Mary.

“It means whether you own your company vehicles, lease them or have drivers who opt out of the company car scheme, Grosvenor offers a complete solution – all under one roof.”

Going Electric!

With many companies moving to ultra-low emission and electric vehicles, Grosvenor leads the way with the perfect solution for SMEs.

In 2020 Grosvenor won the award for Best ‘Green’ Leasing company in the prestigious GreenFleet awards making this the second time the company has won this accolade.

4 years ago, Grosvenor Leasing launched its innovative 0Zone solution in anticipation of the support companies would require in moving towards ultra-low emission and electric vehicles.

Today, 0Zone has developed into a multi-faceted solution divided into the environmental, financial and operational implications of moving towards a greener future.

Environmental: How companies can drive down their CO2 levels as part of a zero-emission goal

Operational: How ULEVs and EVs will fit into their operational requirements and the milestones for achieving this

Financial: The financial implications of moving to alternative fuels, including whole life costs, taxation, NI and other key considerations.


Our systems and driver App are provided as an inclusive part of all of our contract hire and fleet management services.

Whether you operate 10 vehicles or 1000 you enjoy full real-time access to online reporting, a vehicle comparison and selection system and a driver App.

Developed in-house by Grosvenor’s own software team, our online fleet management system is an award winning web-based solution that gives SMEs full transparency of how their vehicles are being operated, with access to a suite of reports.

Expert Panel

The demands of running a vehicle fleet have grown dramatically in recent years.

Taxation, health and safety, green issues, policies and the legalities of operating vehicles all feature in a fleet manager’s remit, yet most SMEs have very little time to focus on their fleet which is why it’s nice to have a team of experts on hand you can tap into.

Our experience covers every aspect of fleet operation and, to help our customers, we’ve brought it all together into our very own expert panel.

“Even if you aren’t an existing customer, we’d still be happy to offer advice without obligation if there’s something you’d like to discuss”, explains Mary.

“Sometimes all you need is some quick advice to resolve an issue or help you in the smooth operation of your fleet, and we’ve made this as simple as we can by listing our expert panel on our web site so that you can choose the right person to talk to.”

For more information, or to speak to one of our friendly team, call or email us today.

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