Company Focus

SYNETIQ, an IAA company, is the UK’s leading integrated salvage, dismantling and vehicle recycling company, formed to become the most sustainable, innovative and trusted business in the industry.

SYNETIQ provides sustainable motoring solutions, working with clients and customers to help maximise the environmental and financial potential of each vehicle as part of a successful circular economy model.

Your vehicles are in safe hands
As part of our integrated circular model, we offer a tailored salvage solution that can be set up on a bespoke basis to meet the needs of your fleet business. We provide a complete in-house service and pride ourselves on helping to deliver the maximum financial and environmental benefit for our clients. We handle everything for you, including collecting your vehicle with our very own fleet of transporters from anywhere in the UK to processing and preparing your vehicle for sale on our industry-leading auction platform.

We take great care when handling your vehicle. All end-of-life vehicles are disposed of in-house, helping to give you reassurance and peace of mind. With sustainability at the heart of everything we do, our integrated circular model helps to deliver the maximum carbon reduction effectively using the waste hierarchy – reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle.

We always put safety first
We understand the importance of safety when it comes to operating a large fleet of vehicles – our fleet of transporters travel up and down the country and driver safety remains top priority for ourselves and our clients. By putting safety first, we have achieved the bronze industry-wide recognised Fleet Recognition scheme (FORS).

It doesn’t stop there – as a responsible and sustainable vehicle recycler we understand the need to keep unsafe vehicles off the road. That’s why all category A and B vehicles that come through our doors are dismantled, recycled or destroyed within our UK sites and a certificate of destruction is provided to the DVLA.

Through investing heavily in health and safety, compliance and environmental protection, we help support our clients to maintain safe, sustainable and cost-effective fleets that meets the highest of industry standards.

A green solution to get your vehicles back on the road
Sustainability remains at the core of everything we do, and we understand many fleet businesses are looking for ways to become greener to minimise their impact on the environment – we know *55% of all road carbon emissions is generated from vans and lorries, making sustainable repairs more important than ever.

Green parts can offer substantial financial and environmental benefits and through our integrated circular model we can resupply and reuse parts from our salvage vehicles to help ensure the constant flow of sustainable parts to get vehicles back on the road quickly and safely.

To help our clients recognise the difference they are making to the environment by using green parts – we provide a sustainability certificate detailing how much CO2 has been saved compared to buying new.

Sustainability remains at the core of the business, and we are proud to work with major household fleets to deliver a sustainable and affordable solution to vehicle repair.