FleetCharge by JustPark, the UK’s favourite driveway sharing platform

Company Focus

“We created FleetCharge to help fleet owners and drivers make the transition to electric cars and commercial vehicles effortless, cost effective and logistically viable. By unlocking the power of our existing driveway sharing network we dramatically increase public charging infrastructure, bringing charging for millions more drivers within easy reach of their homes and workplaces. We are proud to closely consult with our fleet customers to help build effective fleet transition strategies.”


Mike Strahlman, Director of EV, JustPark


FleetCharge: helping business make the transition to clean-air fleets


FleetCharge has been created by JustPark, the UK’s leading driveway sharing platform. The premise is simple. It unlocks and electrifies private driveways to enable businesses to switch their fleets to electric vehicles (EV) years earlier.


This provides vital support for the 75 percent of fleet drivers that don’t have off-street parking at home. For businesses under pressure from increasingly punitive government legislation and with a mandate to rebalance fleets ahead to the 2030 bans on the sale of new Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles - FleetCharge makes the transition to EVs a more cost effective and logistically viable proposition.


It does this through unlocking the thousands of unused parking spaces across multiple settings including businesses and driveways that are not in use. A FleetCharge driver is able to effortlessly charge their car via an app, in a dedicated parking space located near their home.


Sustainability and convenience are fundamental tenets of our approach. By utilising our 15 years experience in parking, we source a space within a 10 minute walk of the driver's home, install the charging hardware, and provide exclusive access to that unit for the length of the contract. These charging locations will be distributed across domestic and business properties, effectively creating a private charging network for your fleet, powered exclusively with renewable energy.


This addresses the significant imbalance between the growth of public charging infrastructure (more than 60% of councils have no set EV infrastructure strategy) and rapidly increasing demand for EVs for both personal and business use.


In March 2022 the company announced an innovative new approach to supporting homeowners and stimulating the mass adoption of community charging. FleetCharge will cover all the costs associated with installing a discreet EV charger at their home, as well as day-to-day running costs including any subscriptions and electricity costs. Through FleetCharge, all the upfront EV charging installation costs are covered, but it could potentially earn the hosts a guaranteed additional income of £1,000 a year - all tax-free.


JustCharge - making EV ownership viable for millions of homeowners:


JustCharge is the EV Community Charging solution from JustPark. EV drivers can search on the JustPark app for available home charging points. The service allows EV charging owners to monetise the 90% of time that chargers are not in use – significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) burden associated with the transition to EV driving. 


The most popular car sold in the fourth quarter of 2021 was an EV and EV registrations are currently outstripping the addition of new public charge options by 500%, yet municipal authorities and private companies are not able to meet the requirements of more than 40% of UK drivers who live in flats or a home without a drive.


This situation also fails to address the needs of the increasing numbers of UK drivers who live in shorter term rentals as house price inflation limits access to property ownership, creating another barrier to the installation of home-charging solutions.


JustPark, in partnership with some of the country’s leading brands including Vauxhall are working to redress the balance. Indeed, if just 5% of those with a home charging point joined the JustCharge network, double the number of publicly available charging locations would be available in the UK. This would contribute to millions more drivers being able to viably access EVs.




JustPark was created in 2006. It is born of a simple idea. To connect drivers with unused driveways, garages and parking spaces. Since then the company has won multiple awards and attracted more than 5 million drivers to its platform, propelling it to the status of the UK’s favourite driveway sharing platform. JustPark has a network of more than 45,000 spaces and managed parking spaces for some of the UK’s biggest County Councils and Car Parking companies.


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FleetCharge: https://www.justpark.com/fleetcharge

JustCharge: https://www.justpark.com/ev/justcharge

JustPark: https://www.justpark.com/