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We’re onboard power specialists and creators of the all-in-one LPS II – the power supply that recharges on the go, from solar and/or mains hook-up. It’s clean-energy for roadside work.

Some of the highest-profile fleets, both in the UK and across Europe, are turning to the all-in-one LPS II from Clayton Power. The user-friendly technology is allowing them to drastically cut emissions, reign in fuel spend, create safer working environments – and cause significantly less noise pollution.

Eliminating roadside emissions – and fuel spend
If your teams rely on petrol generators to work at the roadside, they may be using as much as five times more petrol to power tools and equipment than they do driving from A to B.

It’s a shocking statistic – but the LPS II provides a cost-effective, clean energy alternative. The all-in-one LPS II packs a real punch – and recharges in up to 90 minutes:

  • On the go – from the alternator
  • From solar
  • And from mains hook-up

All of this means that with an all-in-one LPS II - with built-in 2kWh Li-Ion battery - on board, you’ll be able to keep your tools and equipment charged and your teams productive, even when their vehicles are switched off.

Significantly reducing noise
Have you ever had work interrupted because of noise abatement orders? Or simply because you didn’t want to disturb quiet neighbourhoods late into the night? The LPS II is quiet. So without the noise of generators and revving engines, you’re able to get important work done – wherever and whenever you need to do it.

And of course, this is good news for your teams too. When your vehicles are kitted out with an LPS II, you’re removing fumes from their working environment – and you’re also reducing the noise they work around.

Giving you more space to play with
Another great advantage of the LPS II is its compact size. It’s an all-in-one unit – so you don’t have to sacrifice space to multiple parts and spares. It’s lighter too – which means when you switch to the LPS II, you can reduce your payload by up to 50kg, compared with traditional lead/AGM systems.

And it’s easy to install and remove
With the LPS II, you literally plug in and go. Fitting it takes minutes – and when your vehicles reach the end of their lease or life, you simply unplug it and pop it into another vehicle.

It’s a cost-effective and sustainable way to keep powering your fleet. And because the LPS II is so portable, you can fund it from your tooling budget.

Whatever your needs, the LPS II is a beast
The LPS II can deliver up to 3000W / 2kWh (with a peak of 5000W). This makes it powerful enough to keep welding kits, angle grinders and other heavy power tools charged and online.

So forget roadside idling and power take-off (PTO). Switch to the LPS II and get all the power you need from this compact, all-in-one supply.

You don’t have to wait for EV to start reducing emissions
Waiting for electrification to reduce your emissions? You don’t have to. Get the LPS II on board and you can make significant steps towards hitting your sustainability and decarbonisation targets right now.

All of this comes with a two-year warranty as standard – which is what you’d expect from customer-led, European designed technology that complies with all UK and EU safety regulations.

Companies relying on the LPS II
Cadent Gas, BT Openreach, Mitie, Sainsbury’s, Eltel Networks, SOS Dans Autohjaelp are some of the many organisations refitting their fleets with the all-in-one LPS II.

If you’re interested in joining them, you can find out more on our website – and get in touch to arrange a demo. We’d love to hear all about your plans, help you save money on fuel – and eliminate roadside emissions.

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