Paythru: Future-Ready EV Charging and Payment Solutions

Company Focus

In the evolving landscape of electric mobility, Paythru delivers tailored payment solutions for the Electric Vehicle (EV) and eMobility sectors. With over 14 years of expertise in payment and mobility services, Paythru provides comprehensive solutions that drive growth for businesses in the EV charging sector.

Paythru’s Mobility Solutions

1. White Label Driver-Facing Frontend Solutions:

  • Native Mobile Applications (iOS and Android): User-friendly apps empower EV drivers with an array of services, making charging easy. These white-label interfaces are customised to reflect any brand and are fully content-managed.
  • Browser-Based WebApps: Accessible and customisable interfaces for EV drivers, providing seamless access to charging services.

2. Flexible Backend Integration:

  • Integration with Charge Point Management Systems: The platform integrates effortlessly with various systems, offering the flexibility to use any backend. New integrations are developed as required, using industry-standard interfaces like Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) or proprietary APIs.

3. Competitive Payment Processing:

  • Payment Gateway: Payments are securely processed through competitively priced payment gateways. Paythru can act as the Merchant of Record for swift setup or process funds directly into a Merchant Account (MID), supporting popular payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

4. Advanced Mobile App Features:

  • The mobile app offers features such as private charger support with user access management, charger mapping, navigational guidance, and a seamless payment experience. Users can save multiple payment cards and access transaction history and receipts.

5. Hassle-Free WebApp for Operators:

  • The web application provides a direct payment solution for guest users, offering an intuitive QR interface to expedite the charging process.

6. Streamlined User Experience:

  • Mobile and web apps can be launched via QR codes or NFC tags. A complete sticker design and print service is also provided.

7. Roaming and RFID Support:

  • EV Roaming: Robust support for eMobility Service Providers with integrations into popular roaming hubs, including peer-to-peer roaming via OCPI.
  • RFID Cards and Fobs: Corporate fleet users benefit from RFID cards and fobs, with charging sessions consolidated into a straightforward monthly invoice.

8. Ongoing Innovation:

  • Paythru is committed to continual enhancement, adapting to new technologies such as ISO15118 (Plug & Charge & V2G), ensuring businesses remain at the forefront of innovation.

9. Data Ownership and Access:

  • The platform ensures that licensees have complete ownership and access to all data, enabling tailored marketing communications and swift resolutions to customer service inquiries.

Paythru’s Payment Solutions

In addition to specialised EV services, Paythru offers a comprehensive suite of payment solutions, including mobile applications, online platforms, open banking solutions, various post-pay and remote solutions, and alternative payment methods. Expertise includes standalone contactless payment and ‘one to many’ contactless setups, simplifying transaction processes.

Commitment to Security and Sustainability

Prioritising security and environmental responsibility, Paythru complies with standards like PCI, ISO, and ESG, ensuring the safety and integrity of every transaction while staying committed to sustainability.

Rapid Customer Onboarding

The rapid customer onboarding process ensures businesses can start accepting payments quickly and efficiently. Incremental pre-authorisation and robust fraud monitoring options safeguard revenue, while optimised tokenization (card storage) ensures faster checkouts and minimises the risk of fraud.

Energy Tariff Optimisation

Support for energy tariff optimisation enables dynamic pricing for energy usage, empowering businesses and consumers to make informed decisions about energy costs.

Contactless Solutions and Kiosk Opportunities

Contactless solutions mitigate costs and optimise transaction rates while adhering to UK and EU regulations. The contactless kiosk solution presents revenue-generating opportunities through advertising, which can offset installation costs. Kiosk screens can host advertising content targeted at EV drivers and relevant to the locality.

With Paythru as a payment partner, businesses are not just keeping pace with the EV and eMobility revolution; they are leading the charge into a sustainable, efficient, customer-centric and digitally driven future.