Lightbulb Analytics

Company Focus

Lightbulb Analytics (LBA) is one of the UK's top providers of telematics-driven data analytics. Specialising in enhancing the efficiency and performance of fleets and personnel, LBA's insights are indispensable to numerous UK Police Forces. With over 20 years of industry experience, LBA is dedicated to delivering "Lightbulb" moments—critical insights that drive strategic business decisions through intelligent data analysis.

At its heart, LBA is a software development and data analytics company. Its flagship product, IR3, is a comprehensive Fleet Management and Resource Management System. IR3 facilitates various operational activities including fleet productivity, utilisation, duty of care, and driver behaviour. By integrating resource management with operational activities, IR3 provides a holistic view of how personnel manage their time concerning operational priorities. Accessible via cloud and app technology, IR3 ensures community safety and fleet efficiency are always at the user’s fingertips.

Strategic Growth and Acquisition

In 2021, LBA was acquired by AssetWorks, a global fleet management leader. This strategic acquisition bolsters LBA's growth plan, positioning it to offer the most comprehensive fleet solutions within the emergency services sector. The synergy between AssetWorks' robust fleet management software and LBA's advanced telematics software represents the future of fleet solutions—highly data-driven and insightful.

Lightbulb Analytics Mission

LBA's mission is to provide actionable insights that help customers maximise their data and achieve operational goals. We emphasise delivering the most accurate and actionable information, enabling our clients to make informed decisions and optimise their operations.

Case Study: Kent and Essex Police

The Kent and Essex Police utilise IR3 solution to enhance their operational policing. Key benefits include:

  • Cost Reduction: The department has saved £359,000 in fuel, parts, tires, and collision repairs since implementing IR3.
  • Community Engagement: Heat-mapping technology and targeted resourcing enable better community support and engagement.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Telematics eliminates the need for manual mileage logbooks, saving approximately £574,000 in officer time.

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A typical fleet of 1,000 vehicles benefits significantly from LBA's solutions, achieving operational cost savings of £1,260,000, a 20% reduction in fleet size, and a reduction of 790 tons of CO2 emissions.

Lightbulb Analytics is committed to leading the future of fleet management with innovative, data-driven solutions. Our dedication to providing actionable insights ensures our clients remain at the forefront of efficiency and operational excellence. To speak to one of Lightbulb Analytics fleet specialists’ email or call 0208 059 1450.