Driveline Emissions Technologies

Company Focus

Driveline Emissions Technologies now offers ULEZ CVRAS ULEZ Retrofit Upgrades as well as Euro 4, 5, 6 Exhaust Maintenance.

Driveline Emissions Technologies is a company entrenched in diesel exhaust emission systems. Having developed a unique cleaning and refurbishment process for DPF / DOC / SCR / EGR components their core expertise led them into the retrofit market having acquired the IP and tooling for the ecoNOxt SCRt product.

Stewart Mclean, managing director of Driveline commented; “This presents an exciting milestone for us. Following the acquisition of the econoxt design and IP, we have invested well over £2m in 2019 alone on PEMS emissions testing equipment and product development as well as refining validation processes

The Government’s CVRAS accreditation scheme is run by the Energy Savings Trust. Driveline’s test programme was completed at Millbrook during October 2019, in addition to the successful Volvo D7 engine accreditation test held earlier in the year.

“Euro 3 Cummins and Volvo engine vehicles represent a part of the bus fleet that has been largely ignored. We achieved over 99% reduction in NOX emissions over the CVRAS test cycle and whilst this was a challenge, by working closely with our world class OE supply chain partners we are now well set to develop solutions for most Euro 3, 4 and 5 engines to meet the Euro 6 based CVRAS standard.

2020 will yield more accreditations through the CVRAS scheme.  We will pursue validations for popular bus and coach engines, some largely ignored that there is demand for. We welcome approaches from fleets needing to upgrade to meet UK Low Emission Zone requirements.”

Effective maintenance of Euro 4, 5 and 6 OE exhaust systems in the aftermarket will remain a cornerstone of Driveline’s business whose network of depots continues to expand. Active in Warrington, Penrith, Milton Keynes Newcastle and Grangemouth there are plans to establish a further 5 depots throughout the UK in 2020.  
Drivelines’ process complies with DVSA guidelines featuring full traceability and 12-24 months warranty guarantee.

Commercial Benefits

Drivelines products and services provide significant economic benefits to fleet operations. For example 15-18 CVRAS retrofit exhaust system upgrades can be installed for the cost of just one new Euro 6 coach. When it comes to Euro 4, 5 and 6 exhaust maintenance, deep cleaning a diesel particulate filter can be carried out for a fraction of an OE dealer exchange replacement unit. In the event of a component failure that needs a full exhaust system replacement, Driveline can refurbish the unit at much less than half the OE cost, saving thousands of pounds a unit. All fully warranted up to 2 years.

Stewart Mclean has run a number of on and off road fleet asset maintenance operations over the last 30 years or so: “Driveline Emission products sit well with our already well established aftermarket fleet exhaust maintenance technology and support operation, which has the largest network of modern exhaust maintenance depots in the UK and is rapidly expanding into Europe as well as other Overseas markets”.

Driveline Emissions Technologies is wholly owned by Driveline Holdings which provides a range of on and off-road fleet asset support activities. The Scottish company is backed by Caledonian Heritable, a major Edinburgh based investor.

Commercial Greenfleet reader spring offers

Driveline is offering UK Fleet readers either a free of charge Diesel Particulate Filter deep clean or 10% off a first of fleet CVRAS approved ULEZ retrofit installation, for every Driveline trading account opened before the end of May 2020. Email and quote Commercial Greenfleet or call Jim Mason at Driveline, direct to the factory on 01324 472294.