The Phoenix Works

Company Focus

The UK is moving fast towards a zero-carbon future with transport undergoing its greatest transformation in over a century. EV charging is a significant part of that future and is quickly becoming business-critical infrastructure for workplaces, businesses, and the public sector. A key issue facing businesses as they make the switch to an electric fleet is the development of quality EVC infrastructure. A durable, scalable and cost-effective implementation to meet customers’ evolving needs, demands a partner with scale, stability, and vision.

Since 2010 The Phoenix Works has been at the forefront of the drive towards cleaner energy, and the pursuit of a net-zero future. In that time we have built strong relationships with the world’s foremost manufacturers of clean-tech equipment, and applied our expertise in renewables infrastructure across multiple sectors.

For those unfamiliar with the EV charging marketplace, it can seem overwhelming. At The Phoenix Works we aim to turn a complex decision into a simple choice. We work only with equipment that has earned a reputation for outstanding design quality and resilience, and which has undergone exhaustive testing by ourselves.
To provide the most efficient and streamlined service possible, we provide a one-stop-shop catering for all EVC infrastructure requirements, from network planning to equipment maintenance and servicing.

We tailor our services to fit your preferred operating model, including subscription-based models and other customisable financial arrangements such as our unique EV Charging Service Plan. We understand those wanting to install EV charging systems are often faced with sizeable upfront costs. For a low monthly fee, our EV charging service plan offers industry leading hardware with connectivity, operation and maintenance, spreading the cost of charging hardware, so our customers don’t have to compromise on quality to meet capex restraints.

Flexible solutions, for flexible ways of working

With many businesses operating nationwide, it is common for colleagues to work regionally and remotely. This is a trend which has seen a significant increase over the last 18 months, as businesses adapted to new ways of working. As well as charging hubs at business premises, our EV Charging Service Plan can also incorporate the rollout of EV charge points at employees homes.  This allows teams to work more efficiently by starting the day with a full battery, reduces driving times to & from charging centres and uses better route planning, providing an enhanced experience for fleet drivers.

Paired with our smart EV management portal you have total control of your EV fleet.

  • Visibility of charger status, usage and associated costs
  • We take care of all EV charge point servicing & maintenance
  • Our 24/7 driver support centre means employees can contact us day or night with any charging issues

Plus the smart EV platform highlights the positive impact your green fleet has on our environment. See how many kWh’s have been used and the CO2 emission savings made, helping you to meet your environmental goals.

With over 8,000 charge points installed and maintained by The Phoenix Works, we have become a trusted long-term partner to our customers. As technology enhances we will continue to create cohesive and forward-looking solutions to power the businesses of tomorrow, working alongside you to harness the benefits of leading-edge innovation.

Our experienced Automotive & Fleet team can help shape and implement your EV charging strategy for a new and exciting future. Contact them today.