Dundee City Council

Company Focus

Since the launch of 100% electric vehicles into its Fleet in 2011, Dundee City Council has become a pioneering force in the uptake of EV infrastructure within local government. From the introduction of the first four cars and chargers 10 years ago, Dundee is now home to the highest concentration of electric vehicles (EVs) of any city in the UK, with 24% of the Council Fleet being EVs, the largest of any local authority.

The overarching aim is for all council cars, as well as small and medium vans, to be electric by the end of 2023. However, the transformation of larger fleet vehicles has also been a focus from the recent introduction of six electric RCV’s, two Orion E Mellor minibuses and two pure electric Johnston sweepers.

One of the most significant transport sectors to adopt electric vehicles in Dundee has been the taxi industry, with 25% of all taxis presently 100% electric. This transition to e-mobility has been achieved by progressive policy changes and continued council and taxi trade engagement including a reduced price for taxi testing and mandatory policy that all new private hire vehicles must be electric.

Alongside vehicle expansion, the council’s public charging infrastructure now includes 39 rapid chargers and 82 fast charging posts meaning the city can charge approximately 180 vehicles per square mile while the UK, as a whole, can currently charge just 6.6 vehicles per square mile. Fraser Crichton, Corporate Fleet Manager, for Dundee City Council has been integral to the introduction, development and future proofing of electric vehicle infrastructure from the very beginning.

These chargers are comprised of three rapid charging hubs, three multi-storey charging facilities and on street chargers. Most recently, Dundee has launched a new pop-up electric vehicle charging network as part of a £3 million Innovate UK Clean Streets Project, in partnership with Plymouth City Council and Urban Electric. Innovative, discrete EV chargers have been placed throughout the city, providing a safe and discreet charging solution for the 51% of Dundee residents who don’t have driveways.

Inclusion has been a central objective in Dundee Council’s EV infrastructure strategy in order to achieve long term sustainable change. This can be seen in the location of charging hubs in varying demographical areas, taxi industry involvement, carpools and discount schemes. Fraser has been the leading force behind these initiatives which increase accessibility to cleaner, alternative methods of transport and take a people centred approach to installing emerging technologies within the community.