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Tusker works closely with more than 700 blue-chip companies and organisations in the public sector to encourage the uptake of zero and low emissions vehicles among employees via its award-winning salary sacrifice car benefit schemes.

Over the last 14 years, Tusker’s schemes have made a positive difference to the thousands of drivers it has served, rising to tackle environmental challenges while delivering on its core task of helping people get into new, safe and affordable vehicles. 

As a full subscription package, Tusker’s cars come complete with insurance, road tax, servicing and maintenance, replacement tyres and breakdown cover for a fixed monthly cost.

As this complete package ensures vehicles are roadworthy, the employer’s duty of care is duly met, while at the same time removing more polluting vehicles from our roads – the average age of vehicles replaced by a Tusker scheme is more than 8 years’ old and the average CO2 of clients has been reduced to an average of 36g/km, down from 109.7 in 2019.

Tusker works to its own very high sustainable agenda running its own fully carbon neutral company fleet, and in the last year, it has become a net positive carbon contributor to the environment, offsetting more emissions than it is responsible for. Education and advocacy are a core part of Tusker’s approach to implementing green salary-sacrifice car benefits schemes, with the aim of continuing to drive its fleet emissions to zero ahead of 2030. 

Tusker knows that navigating the process of moving towards an EV can be complex and daunting for employees and it employs a team of customer advisors, who are able to offer comprehensive and independent advice to individual drivers on which vehicle might best suit their needs for a scheme.

The salary sacrifice marketing campaigns for employers have educated thousands of people into considering an EV for the first time, particularly lower-rate tax payers who may have mistakenly believed that they couldn’t afford to drive an EV.

Tusker works hard to deliver the highest possible standards for drivers and customers alike and knowing that for new customers, navigating the contractual elements of salary sacrifice at the same time as selecting an ideal vehicle can be confusing, every individual customer has access to Tusker’s independent advisors under the Order and Deliveries team, who advise on the appropriate vehicle to suit an individual’s needs, mileage and budget.

To make the administrative side of salary sacrifice as simple as possible for the customer, the Contract Management team ensures the legislative aspects of the process between Tusker, the employer and the driver are fulfilled smoothly and to the maximum benefit of the customer.

Once a car has been delivered, the Driver Support team are on hand to ensure that all follow-up paperwork and any driver queries and potential problems are handled correctly and promptly.

Tusker focusses on making it easy for drivers to come to terms with driving an EV. In the last 12 months, it has launched a new website, which includes a knowledge hub to give free and easy access to a wealth of information. This includes a new Zap Map charging map, to locate charging points and plan journeys, and is constantly updated with a helpful, jargon busting articles, glossary of terms etc

This customer-focussed approach has been invaluable to British Airways, the global airline.

A partnership with Tusker offered an electric car leasing scheme with Tax and NI savings for British Airways.

Launched in April 2021, as an electric-only scheme, Tusker worked with BA’s communications team, to develop a dedicated microsite that could only be accessed by those enrolled on the scheme at each stage of launch, providing information, video guides and downloadable assets. A targeted email campaign was implemented to enrol groups of colleagues at a time, and a host of new tools such as online webinars and hosted dedicated live sessions with Q&As helped to engage BA’s employees.

By October 2021, 6-months from launch, the rollout to all eligible colleagues (approx 26,000), it was the most successful car scheme ever introduced by Tusker. More than 50% of our 29,000 audience has accessed the Tusker platform, and over half of those accessing the platform followed up with a personalised quote.

In the first 9-months Tusker received more than 730 orders for vehicles and is on track to have delivered 1,000 vehicles by the first anniversary of launch.

On average, individuals are saving more than £340 per month in Tax and NI savings, and by January 1st, 2022, the scheme delivered company NI savings of more than £46,000, with a predicted annual saving of more than £920,000 per annum.

These savings, added to the environmental benefits of removing so many polluting vehicles from the road, has made the scheme an overriding success for BA and Tusker.