Company Focus

Co-wheels is the UK’s most innovative mobility provider which has more environmental ‘firsts’ than any other car club.


We were the first in the UK to introduce electric cars onto a public fleet, the first to get Go Ultra Low status thanks to our pioneering work with hybrid-electrics and the first in the world to introduce zero-emission Hydrogen cars onto our fleet.


We are still the only UK fleet using Hydrogen cars, with the latest models from Toyota and Hyundai, and after trialling them with our corporate users we will be introducing them to the public fleet this year.


But this experience has proved invaluable in giving us the experience on the advantages and pitfalls of how to run the cars you will be using tomorrow, not just the ones you use today.


We currently run more than 90 zero emission cars - pure EVs and Hydrogen fuel cell – on our fleet of more than 600 vehicles, which in addition to the hundreds of plug in hybrids hybrid-electrics adds up to 50% of our fleet making it the country’s greenest, cleanest mixed fuel car share fleet.


And in 2019 we are stepping up our roll out of EVs to our highest ever rate – with new fleets going in to Oxford and Bristol as well as EVs across Scotland thanks to our partnership work with Housing Associations.


Co-wheels also provides low carbon pool fleet management for numerous businesses and public sector organisations – and one of our key innovations to maximise use and the environmental benefits is to open up use of those cars to the public outside office hours.


Local authorities such as Salford City Council found this not only savings them money on grey fleet costs and reduces the Council’s CO2 impact but also making EVs available to the Salford public to allow residents to reduce their carbon footprint.


Salford has a fleet of 26 vehicles at their Civic Centre in the city centre and other Council offices, including 8 Nissan Leafs. More than 450 staff use the cars – reducing business mileage costs by 27% - saving more than £200k and 12 tonnes of CO2 in the first 12 months.


If you want to find out what Co-wheels unrivalled environmental fleet experience can do for you – either for public car share fleets or grey fleet replacement – check our website or contact us by telephone or email.

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