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Whether you are working in cities and towns, parks, gardens, estates, University campuses, collecting waste or moving items around hotels and resorts the Addax 100% electric MT15 commercial utility vehicle is fully customisable to your specific needs. Thanks to their compact size, Addax electric utility vehicles can drive smoothly through narrow streets and reach places where classic commercial utility vehicles cannot reach. With many urban areas striving to reduce vehicle emissions including exhaust and carbon dioxide, having a fleet of zero-emission commercial utility vehicles is the first step towards a better environment for the members of your community. Addax electric vehicles have been developed to solve the air pollution problem caused by traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines.  

From carrying mowers, strimmers, and maintenance tools to collecting leaves, clippings or waste, the Addax is highly adaptable and versatile with the option of a flat bed, tipper, combo tipper or van box bodies to suit the required use, available as the standard length MT15n or the extended MT15x.  A payload of up to 1000 kg (or 6m³) allows the vehicle to carry a wide range of goods with minimal effort. The flat bed or tipper may have cage sides fitted for carrying bulk products with the options of side and rear doors for access. If the vehicle is to be used for maintenance tasks, the combo box option for the tipper is particularly useful as it comprises a secure toolbox 40 cm wide and the same height as the cab, with a shelf and doors on either side. Chainsaws, blowers, power and hand tools etc can be locked securely out of sight to help prevent theft. 

For transporting parcels, packages etc or items which need to be secure and under cover, the MT15n may be specified with the 4 cubic metre Cargo box. It is supplied with hinged and lockable rear doors plus a side mounted roller shutter door for easy access to the load and interior. The side door can be mounted on either right- or left-hand side. Alternatively, as an option a second side door may be specified.

Waste management is an essential but often forgotten task that is nevertheless vital to the health and ecosystem of a vibrant city, town or campus. There is a choice of two sizes of waste container, 2 cubic metres and 3.2 cubic metres constructed from either steel or aluminium. The containers are high tipping which allows waste to be transferred easily into a larger refuse vehicle or a large waste skip. Both sizes are supplied with drop-downside access doors to assist with loading refuse bags etc. Additionally, a rear mounted bin lift is available as an option.

Fully N1 road homologated with a top speed of up to 44 mph and with a range of up to 82 miles WLTP (depending upon model), the Addax MT15n or MT15x is ideal for travelling between sites or through towns where zero emissions are required. Good for your wallet and the environment the commercial vehicles boast one of the lowest running costs in the market. 

Making sure you stay comfortable whilst driving it has the option of an electric heater, a Webasto bio-diesel powered heater or a combined electric heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. All vehicles are supplied as standard with a heated windscreen to ensure that the screen is kept clear of misting. Further options include a reversing camera, speed limiter, central locking, extra storage boxes and a tow bar. The combination of coil springs and shock absorbers guarantees optimum driving comfort, and its turning circle of only 4.5 meters and width of 1.45 metres makes it easy to navigate tight spaces and restrictions.

Safety features include an automatic door locking system once the vehicle reaches a speed of 5 km/h, aiding the safety of all occupants.  All Addax vehicles are equipped with a reliable, long-lasting LiFePo4 battery that can easily be charged and comes with a 5-year warranty. The batteries are made with ethically sourced materials and are fully recyclable. 

Equipped with Advanced Remote Diagnostics every Addax has high quality 4G monitoring technology that allows remote diagnosis should a problem arise, so no more expensive downtime.

Addax vehicles are designed and manufactured in Belgium by Addax Motors and distributed in the UK by ISEKI UK & Ireland via their network of dealers.

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