Company Focus

Webfleet is the trusted global fleet management solution of Bridgestone, relied on by over 60,000 businesses worldwide. As a powerful tool for fleet managers, it helps optimise operations, enhance efficiency and safety, and promote sustainable practices. For more than two decades, Webfleet has empowered fleet managers to take control of their fleets with a comprehensive suite of tools that includes vehicle tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, route optimisation, and fuel management. These features allow fleet managers to keep a close eye on their operations, identify issues, and implement changes to improve performance.

More than just a fleet management solution. It's a tool that aligns with the broader mission of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions to foster sustainable mobility practices globally. It supports Bridgestone's E8 Commitment, which aims to deliver value to society, customers, and future generations across eight critical areas, including energy, ecology, efficiency, extension, economy, emotion, ease, and empowerment. This overarching commitment is the guiding force behind every strategic priority, decision, and action taken by the organisation, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship.

As a pioneer in the electric vehicle sector, Webfleet provides fleet operators with the knowledge and tools to transition from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to electric/e-hybrid vehicles. With the growing need for sustainable transportation options, Webfleet offers resources and tools to support the seamless integration of EVs into fleet operations. Our comprehensive approach includes a fleet electrification planning report and access to EV experts, ensuring that businesses can make informed decisions and successfully navigate the transition to electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles bring many benefits, such as lower emissions, reduced fuel costs, and improved sustainability. However, transitioning to electric vehicles requires careful planning and consideration, and Webfleet helps fleet managers make informed decisions regarding the best-suited electric vehicles for their needs. Insights include battery level monitoring, which allows fleet managers to keep track of the electric vehicle's battery charge and plan routes accordingly. By having access to this information, businesses can optimise their operations and ensure that their EVs are always charged and ready for use.

In addition to battery level monitoring, Webfleet also offers features that help improve driving behaviour. These features provide insights into driver performance, such as harsh braking or speeding. By identifying and addressing these behaviours, fleet managers can promote safer driving habits and increase the overall efficiency of their electric vehicles.

One of the main challenges businesses face when transitioning to electric vehicles is the cost of operation. However, Webfleet helps alleviate these cost pressures by reducing fuel consumption through optimised route planning. By analysing real-time traffic data, weather conditions, and vehicle performance, Webfleet can suggest the most efficient routes, taking into account factors that may impact the vehicle's battery life. This not only saves on fuel costs but also extends the range of the electric vehicle.

Webfleet understands that businesses have unique needs and requirements when it comes to their fleet operations. That's why they offer customisable packages for fleets of all sizes. Whether a business has a small fleet of electric vehicles or a large-scale operation, Webfleet can tailor our solutions to meet specific needs. This flexibility ensures that businesses can maximise the benefits of fleet electrification and optimise their operations for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In conclusion, Webfleet is dedicated to helping businesses transition to more sustainable and cost-effective operations by providing innovative fleet management solutions for electric vehicles. With our comprehensive resources, real-time data, and customisable packages, they empower fleet managers to make informed decisions, optimise their operations, and reap the benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles. As the demand for sustainable transportation grows, Webfleet continues to be at the forefront, supporting businesses in their journey towards a greener future.