Company Focus

Having launched its first EV LCV more than five years ago, Harris MAXUS is proud to once again join forces with GREENFLEET in a shared goal to achieve a carbon neutral motoring industry through education and by supporting the switch to greener fleets.

MAXUS, which is manufactured by SAIC and distributed in the UK by Harris MAXUS, is a market leading EV brand and the one customers can trust to always go the extra mile.


Last year, LDV rebranded to MAXUS, aligning the UK and all other right hand drive markets with the globally recognised brand name. This was followed by the launch of two brand new platform EVs, the eDELIVER 3 and eDELIVER 9, backed by an ongoing £2 billion innovation investment by SAIC. Both models have reaped the benefits of this investment and feature the latest in lithium battery technology and cutting-edge design.

Designed from the ground-up for electric power only, the eDELIVER 3 is a small van that can clock up to 198 miles on a single charge. With a 92KW motor, there are two battery options from which to choose: 35kWh and 52.5kWH. Using a DC fast charger can top up the batteries in as little as 40 minutes. Available in a number of variants with several battery and wheelbase options, the eDELIVER 3 is a fantastically versatile vehicle that suits a wide range of business needs.

Its bigger brother, the eDELIVER 9 has it all in terms of spec and space and it too is 100% electric. The eDELIVER 9 perfectly illustrates MAXUS’ focus on innovation, customisation and greener motoring, with no compromises. Everything about this van is of superior quality and showcases the very best in EV engineering. Available in two size options, this van offers a remarkable range, clocking up to 219 miles on a single charge and operating with a high power 150KW low energy motor. The vehicle offers three battery options - 51.5Kwh, 72Kwh and 88.55 Kwh (LH) with various battery cooling methods, which reduce charging time (DC 45mins (5%-80%), as well as extending battery life and increasing the operating range.

Disappointment as EV grant drops

Earlier this year, the government announced a lowering of the OLEV plug-in grant, which, according to General Manager of Harris MAXUS, Mark Barrett was a retrograde step. “Despite the exponential increase in sales of EV vehicles, the market is still at an early stage of adoption and incentives are vital to encouraging drivers and fleet buyers to make the switch to greener motoring,” he said.  “If we are to move to a zero-emission market, significant government supports are needed given the current higher cost of EV vehicles.  A lower EV grant has the potential to stall the good progress being made in meeting the lower emission targets, so the timing was really unfortunate,” said Mark.

Notwithstanding the government’s announcement, MAXUS has committed to doing all it can through innovation, education and choice, to support people who want to make the switch and understand not only the benefits, but also the real TCO (total cost of ownership) of buying and running an EV van. 


As part of The Harris Group’s commitment to the market, a new HQ at Birchwood Park, Warrington in February was unveiled in February, affording the business added capacity to increase its existing operations in the region. The 24,239 sq. ft Birchwood Park HQ now houses MAXUS’ UK-based employees as well as a distribution centre for Harris CAS, the company's spare parts division. It will also include an EV technical centre to supplement the new MAXUS training academy that was established in HQ in Dublin.

The strong network links surrounding Warrington was a key decision in Harris MAXUS’ choice of location, with the headquarters situated close to the M6 and M62 motorway interchange, providing excellent links to the surrounding region and beyond.

Mark Barrett said: "The acquisition of a UK HQ was an important step for our business activities. MAXUS has become a recognised leader in the electric vehicle sector, and we are well positioned for growth as electric vehicles become more and more popular. We are currently forecasting growth of between 200% - 300% in 2021/22 and have plans to expand our network of dealers right across the UK.”

As the sole distributor for the MAXUS range of vehicles in the UK and right-hand drive markets in Europe, The Harris Group delivers a significant number of vehicles every week to an extensive network of dealers across the UK. Up until now, all operations for MAXUS UK had been overseen from Harris’ Global Headquarters in Ireland.

Harris MAXUS is one of the few OEM manufacturers in the UK that can offer a full fleet of EVs right now and invites anyone interested in making the switch, or learning more about how to make the switch, to get in touch with their local MAXUS EV dealer who will always go the extra mile.