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Company Focus

Fleetmaster have a unique approach to the training and services that are accessed by the customers and 1,000’s of employees that are trained each year. Through providing a tailored and diverse range of training and support to the highest standards, Fleetmaster are highly commended on the effectiveness of services provided in accurately addressing both mandatory and development training requirements for all employees within most job roles in today’s industry.

By forming true partnerships and working together with employers, the services that are offered by Fleetmaster are designed to be truly unique and exclusive to each employer. This is a vital component to successful and effective training as every employer operates to different policy and procedures and employ varying talents and skills sets making the now outdated ‘off the self’ training approach ineffective, time consuming and costly.

Fleetmaster Group deliver a national service across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, employing over 160 highly skilled expert trainers, instructors and tutors. Fleetmaster have been servicing industries for 14 years providing training and support services to most sectors. By developing targeted and bespoke solutions to training needs through true partnerships, Fleetmaster have a base of customers that exclusively use the Fleetmaster group for training and support.

We have recently developed and deployed a vehicle check app that has been a 53% increase in documented vehicles checks been done within its customers. This has shown a 38% reduction in illegal tyres been changes. We have also had a drive on training young drivers within our customers due to them been the highest risk. Over the past 12 months, we have seen a reduction of 56% in avoidable claims which has equated to a cost reduction of 69%.

Fleetmaster offer a wide range of training on-road and classroom based including:

  • HGV Training Packages
  • Van/Grey Fleet Training Packages
  • PSV Training Packages
  • Licence Acquisition
  • Apprentice Training

Any training conducted by Fleetmaster is accessible by the client via out E-Management Web Portal giving the client live and accurate data and reports.

For more information please contact:
Jamie Boocock
01924 416624