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Go Plant Fleet Services and Omnia offer fully bespoke solutions tailored to the systems that different councils and waste management companies already have in place, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. A feasibility study is carried out and then an ‘over-arching’ system is adapted, or built, to address the problem areas – taking a ‘Control Tower’ approach and making the most of existing systems in place.

One factor that Go Plant Fleet Services and Omnia are keen to address through their smart fleet solution is the long-term roll out and take up of electrified fleets, implementing technology is far easier than making sure it is used effectively and economically. As a result, they have centred their partnership around providing clients with ongoing support and advice, a managed service where required, so they can focus on getting the most from their investment.

Utilising their combined experience in the local authority and waste management sectors, Go Plant Fleet Services and Omnia offer a range of tailored service solutions including intelligent collections, fleet electrification, and managing driver compliance monitoring. Technology is tailored to your requirements based on future goals, the systems you have in place, company resources and the results of the feasibility study.


This system allows the operatives on the street to check if customers have paid for their garden waste collections or any waste collections going forward. It works simply when the bin is presented to RCV where it is logged as paid to empty, or unpaid.

Unlike the usual posting system for garden waste where a sticker is sent to each individual resident annually, the RFID chip is posted once every seven years and renewed automatically on payment, which represents an annual cost saving of tens of thousands of pounds in some cases.

An added advantage to Councils is that included in this offering can be the ability to measure air quality at a granular level which gives Councils the data they need  to report to govt. as part of their duties under the Environmental Act 1995. The measurements will include No2, Co2, and So2


Giving residents/trade waste customers the ability to make their own informed decisions around when their bins require collection, gathering this data and (within minutes) planning cost effective collections, reducing the number of runs, reducing fuel consumption and improving air quality.


This will give Councils the ability to keep up with legislation and gather data concerning their existing fleets, potential future requirements and provide advice across the board on how to transition to an electric fleet. This would include local infrastructure, potential vehicle costs, life cycles and numbers of vehicles over what   period of time.

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