Company Focus

SYNETIQ Ltd., and IAA, Inc. Company (NYSE: IAA), is the UK’s largest integrated vehicle salvage, dismantling and recycling company. Our services include vehicle salvage, green parts, mechanical solutions as well as software and vehicle registration look-up options.

We work closely with clients to maximise the environmental and economic potential of every vehicle we process as part of our successful circular economy model. We do this by working together with you to match every vehicle to the most suitable solution from our services, whether that’s reuse, remanufacturing, remarketing or recycling.

How we can support you in the safe disposal of vehicles

We offer tailored salvage solutions that can be set up on a bespoke basis depending on your needs and vehicle type. We provide a complete in-house service from collecting your vehicle with our own fleet of transporters from anywhere in the UK, to preparing it for sale on our industry leading online auction site.

We prepare each vehicle to a high standard of presentation to ensure that sales returns are maximised.

Giving you peace of mind

Making sure your vehicles are safe in our hands is a priority. All vehicles are stored safely and securely for free at our sites and we comply to a very high level of compliance including GDPR, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, ISO45001 and ISO 5001.

Providing a greener solution to get your vehicles back on the road

Sustainability is at the very core of what we do, and we understand many fleet businesses are looking for ways to become ‘greener.’ Because we live and breathe sustainability, we’re here to support your greener methods to not only reduce your carbon footprint but to provide a quick and cost-effective answer to get your vehicles back out on the road. If you’re not familiar with the term ‘green parts’, in a nutshell, a green part is any used vehicle non-safety part that matches the original manufacturer standards and is quality assured ready for reuse. Many organisations are turning to green parts for vehicle repairs when cost, time and new part availability works against them. An extra benefit of using green parts from SYNETIQ is that we track the carbon savings from each part used, which is great for your carbon reduction initiatives.

Helping you face the future of EV

The move to electric vehicles has begun and the complete takeover is just on the horizon with no new petrol and diesel cars or vans to be sold in the UK after 2030, and hybrid sales banned from 2035. The biggest challenge fleet businesses face is making sure their electric vehicles are disposed of in the safest way possible. As an integrated dismantler, we have got set for the future by launching a new EV Dismantling and Processing Centre at our Winsford site where we’re working innovatively to create safe disposal solutions for electric vehicles.

To find out more, please contact us or visit our website.