Company Focus

Here at ChargedEV, we supply, install and maintain electric vehicle charging points for both domestic and commercial customers. We have been doing this since 2013 and have become one of the largest chargepoint installers in the UK.

We currently employ 21 fully qualified electrical installers up and down the UK, offering a nationwide installation service of both our Smart+ and Chargemaster products.

Our new Smart+ offering is quite simply one of the smartest EV chargers on the market offering a range of innovative features for the driver and optimised by our award winning Kaluza platform,

You can schedule, track and optimise your charging to reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. We also have some other great features in the pipeline including solar match and load balancing

The Smart enabled Homecharger offers some great driver features that include, scheduling, monitoring and remotely starting charge from the dedicated app.

As the article across suggests, many businesses that are transitioning to a low emission fleet and incorporating EV’s and/or PHEV’s are leaving the decision around charging at home to the drivers. This often leads to a number of drivers relying on their existing electrical set up at home.

Most homes are not setup to charge an EV without additional work. An EV will charge at around 10amps continuously for between 4 - 12 hours depending on the vehicle. Domestic sockets are generally rated at 13A maximum and 6 or 8 amp for continuous use due to a number of factors but mainly heat build up.

When drivers are charging using existing infrastructure at home there has been no risk assessment carried out and no additional safety measures applied. Installing a dedicated EVSE removes that risk and as standard comes with a number of additional safety devices.

Over the past year the regulations have tightened even more; but we’ve always been ahead of the game when it comes to safety, having taken part in many trial projects ahead of regulation amendments. We have an in house safety and compliance team, in which we assess the regulations, give regular refresher training and ensure that we are working to the highest possible standards at all times.

The IET has worked hard to change the regulations and improve the safety of EV chargepoint installations for the safety of EV drivers and their homes. Why would you allow your drivers to bypass these risk measures and charge without a dedicated EV chargepoint?

The Solution
We work with some of the UK’s largest fleets, building a comprehensive package for all drivers to give discounted EV charging whilst maintaining an exceptional level of customer service.

Some of our clients mandate ahead of ordering an EV that the employee has to be eligible and agree to have an EV chargepoint installed before delivery to reduce the risk of employees charging in an unsafe manner.
Additional benefits to installing a dedicated EV chargepoint are that your employees can give detailed energy consumption for their charging, whether that is to reclaim the cost or give you an opportunity to calculate additional carbon savings that you can ie into your overall fleet carbon reduction targets.

Mark Pymm, managing director of ChargedEV commented “We have worked with some of the UK’s greenest fleets, Close Brothers, NHS, OVO Energy and many more to ensure that all drivers are charging in the quickest most efficient and safest way possible. My experience with Fleet Managers is that they generally want their vehicles and all associated products and services to be run through them, EV charging is no different”.

Our Partner+ program is designed specifically with lease companies and large fleets in mind, you have a dedicated Account Manager, product literature and pre agreed price points to ensure that all of your drivers are treated the same, regardless of the geographical spread. We increase a standard installation package meaning more of your drives qualify and can even offer some additional benefits to help reduce the cost of charging for your drivers.

We have the smartest range of chargepoints in the UK, the highest rated installation team and the drivers needs at the heart of everything that we do.

If you would like more information about EV charging or to find out more about our Partner+ program, please contact us on the below details.

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