How Allstar supports the transition to EV

Company Focus

As one of the UK’s leading fuel and EV payment companies, Allstar’s suite of solutions support the changing needs of fleets. Providing access to the UK’s largest fuel network and a multi-brand electric network enables businesses to integrate EVs while managing fuel purchasing for existing vehicles.

Having anticipated electric vehicles (EVs) becoming increasingly important to the future of fleets and business management, Allstar launched the Allstar One Electric fuel card in 2019. This eliminates the need to subscribe to multiple EV charging networks by aggregating merchants and locations, resulting in lower costs and added convenience.

The industry-leading functionality was further strengthened by joining forces with Zap-Map, the UK’s No.1 EV search and mapping app, enabling customers to search, plan and pay for EV charging on the road. While parent company FLEETCOR, invested in the company as part of its Series A fundraising, as well as acquiring Plugsurfing, a leading European electric vehicle (EV) software and network provider to vehicle OEMs and charge point operators (CPO). This acquisition allows FLEETCOR to serve a broader segment of the market whilst bringing best-in-class products and technology to its fleet customers.

To support all organisations as they transition their fleets, Allstar’s EV solutions enable fleet operators to manage all fuel types, whether traditional (petrol and diesel) or alternative; electric or hybrid, on one payment card. Allstar’s traditional fuel network is also the largest in the UK and is underpinned by this functionality, enabling businesses to add EVs to their fleets while managing fuel purchasing for its existing vehicles.

Allstar has also taken great strides to increase its internal investment in team growth with the key strategic appointment of Tom Rowlands moving to Managing Director, Global EV Solutions alongside the FLEETCOR acquisition of Plugsurfing, adding around 100 additional experts with deep EV experience to the overall team.

With many businesses navigating the complex world of EV, education and the right insights and information is paramount. With that in mind, Allstar recently launched its first EV Hub full of news and insights, designed for everyone from those with a fleet of EV vehicles to eager learners about the changing world of EVs: