Company Focus

The IVECO S-WAY Natural Gas represents over two and a half decades of experience in alternative fuels. Operators looking to dramatically reduce carbon emissions needn’t compromise their mission thanks to this truck’s strong 460hp performance and up to 95% reduction in CO2 when running on biomethane. A range of fuel tank options, including a new 1,052-litre configuration, allows for long range missions. The IVECO S-WAY is both efficient and effective.

Bolstering the keen balance of power and performance, the IVECO S-WAY Natural Gas is also designed to reduce fuel consumption even further. New aerodynamic A-pillars help smooth airflow over the bodywork, something that lowers drag and boosts efficiency. It also features a new automatic a/c system that contains an ‘eco mode’ to balance driver comfort with overall consumption. An Anti-idling system, Smart Engine Auxiliaries, and integrated GPS driving assistance systems mean that operators enjoy even greater fuel savings.

The IVECO S-WAY’s cab is just as impressive as the rest of the truck, featuring plentiful space and impressive levels of technology. IVECO Driver PAL, developed in partnership with AWS, is an Amazon Alexa-based digital driver companion.

IVECO is working to help reduce the fleet emissions of its customers.