Company Focus

Zwings is one of the fastest growing micro-mobility companies in the UK. We are a community-first e-scooter and e-bike rental fleet operator that focuses on delivering hyper localised transport services on behalf of city authorities across the country and soon internationally.

Zwings strives to help millions of people to reimagine the way they can travel, connecting areas of residence to places of business, education, and leisure. Through the use of safety focussed vehicles and technologies, Zwings is paving the way in Britain to build a new culture of shared mobility and is providing solutions to the challenges of urban living. Our mission is to achieve long term behavioural changes for communities to switch to sustainable modes of micro-mobility to replace unnecessary car trips. For context, 60% of all car trips taken in the UK are less than 3 miles.

Zwings has beaten all of the large international competitors to win all 6 cities via public procurement processes.

Through our team of mobility experts we have developed very strong relationships with our existing local authorities and have built a strong pipeline of new ones. We are valued as a British operator delivering hyper-localised services tailored around each community's unique needs and with a very low incident rate. We are focussed on safety and sustainability and partnering with other transport providers, booking platforms, businesses and digital advertisers.